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to wish ....

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HeraldAngelSinging Wed 31-Dec-14 20:23:39

....everyone on here a Happy New Year?

MistletoeBUTNOwine Wed 31-Dec-14 20:24:07


iklboo Wed 31-Dec-14 20:25:53

This is a vest of nipers. Niperses, I tell you winewinewinewine


Saymwa Wed 31-Dec-14 20:27:46

Haha Pappy You Near

Moonraker37 Wed 31-Dec-14 20:28:49

Thank youuuu and to you

Tinks42 Wed 31-Dec-14 20:30:27

Cheers to squilions of wonderful things to come im having a fab time necking a bit of prosecco grin

Hatespiders Wed 31-Dec-14 20:48:39

The drunker I shtand here the longer I get...

Happy New Year to everyone! wine

IAmAllImportant Wed 31-Dec-14 20:51:30

Nah you are meant to be bitchier than a bitch, you are not meant to be nice!

Unfortunately I cannot help myself!

Happy new year to you all too! (new name change, totes different to my old one, sorry)

joanne1947 Wed 31-Dec-14 20:53:46

Happy New Year to everyone on MumsNet.
All the very best for 2017 (now I've won, I said it before anyone else LOL)

Seriously all the very best to all of us for 2015 and beyond

HeraldAngelSinging Wed 31-Dec-14 20:54:27

wine x 200,000. One each. If not enough, please share.

BrevilleTron Wed 31-Dec-14 21:03:19

Nappy Poo Fear tyall
Shlovely to shee sho many peepholes.

Hurr1cane Wed 31-Dec-14 21:05:35

SHARE shockshockshock


HeraldAngelSinging Thu 01-Jan-15 09:23:32


Hurr1cane Thu 01-Jan-15 09:45:32


Toooldtobearsed Thu 01-Jan-15 09:48:07

Thanks Hun xxxxxxx

CakeAndWineAreAFoodGroup Thu 01-Jan-15 10:13:13

I fell asleep at 10 and missed it.

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