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to think DH should apply for PIP?

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TinselHalo Tue 30-Dec-14 00:39:05

We've had friends round tonight and while we were catching up they suggested DH might be entitled to PIP.

As a background, he has suffered with lengthy bouts of depression of varying severity for over ten years. He's seeing a psychiatrist, a therapist, and an occupational therapist. He's been off work sick with this latest round and is likely to be off for another few months at the very least. His employer has been quite understanding, the occupational therapist is via their referral.

If he was to get PIP we wouldn't be rolling in it (is anyone!?) but it would mean we could afford for him to drop a few hours each week, maybe even an entire day, and still have the same standard of living we have now but his work - life balance would be vastly improved (something that has been suggested to him).

Except he doesn't want to ring up for the forms because there's "no point" and it's "too much hassle" filling them in hmm

I've tried saying that at worst they say no, sorry, you don't qualify and at best they do award him and it can help improve things for him but he's in a trough at the moment so can't see it that way.

AIBU to think he should apply?

Ruhrpott Tue 30-Dec-14 00:56:03

You can ring up for the for the forms for him and fill them out. Just get him to sign it at the end. That's what I did with my daughter. Make sure you fill it out as he is on his worse days. They can only say no (and then you can appeal with the help of CAB)

catsofa Tue 30-Dec-14 01:05:13

It would be better to get professional help to fill out an application for a sickness/disability benefit. They are notoriously difficult to get right, you are much more likely to get the benefit if you have someone helping you who knows how to do it and what are the current pitfalls that are tripping people up.

Make an appointment with the CAB which both of you can attend together, they should be able to help. Don't wait to be turned down and then get proper help at the appeal stage - do it with help from the start and you will be in a much better position. Best of luck!

gobbynorthernbird Tue 30-Dec-14 01:11:08

The form and the interview are very intrusive(my interview took over 3 hours). He will have to have been ill for three months prior to applying, and be expected to be ill for at least nine months after. It's all based on being able to complete simple self care tasks, and mobility. Obviously I don't know how capable your DH is at washing himself, etc.
In my experience it isn't as simple as filling out forms. If there was any way I could've not applied I wouldn't have. If your DH isn't getting sick pay, then ESA might be a better option for your family at the moment.

Also, PIP isn't a top up of income to take the strain off, it is to cover the extra costs that a disability can bring such as having to take taxis, buy bathing aids, etc so you have to be able to prove to the assessors that your disability incurs these extra costs IYSWIM.
The system is shit.

TinselHalo Tue 30-Dec-14 11:12:14

He's been ill since he was 18, on and off. He gets on top of it, is fine for a while, and then it comes back. This current bout has lasted around six months so far and will last at least another 9-12 as the therapy is making it worse right now (he was told this might happen though) and it's likely to reoccur throughout the rest of his life.

When he's in a trough, like he is now, it's a hard slog and some days his biggest achievement is not killing himself. I know that sounds cold but his depression has had me to the brink of depression many times, I had some sessions with a counsellor to help me cope with it and the way of coping that works for me is to emotionally detach myself from his depression, not him, but the depression almost as a separate entity. I can't explain it very well. Anyway. In troughs he doesn't eat, he doesn't get dressed, he doesn't wash. He has to be nagged, persuaded, cajoled, and jollied to meet his basic needs. On very dark days he can't be left alone. My biggest fear is that one day he will decide to permanently opt out of life.

He has prescription costs for his medications (although I now know you can get a prepayment card for this), taxis to and from therapy because it's two buses to get there, they go half around the world too so it takes over an hour and then he's in no fit state to bus after the sessions, he'll only get the NHS sessions until they consider him to be 'better' but in reality he's going to need them long term so then there's the cost of a private therapist. And I know it's trivial when so many in the world are worse off but it's little things like extra food. I make dinner and he can't eat so it gets binned then later on he can eat, that's two meals and it adds up. It's extra laundry when the stress has upset his IBS and he has an accident. It's new clothes when his weight dips or balloons.

Thank you for the replies. I will phone them this afternoon thanks

gobbynorthernbird Tue 30-Dec-14 11:17:31

Tinsel, that sounds like exactly the sort of thing they look for. Sorry for sounding so pessimistic, it's an awful system to have to deal with. Good luck.

BeyondTheTreelights Tue 30-Dec-14 11:44:49

It is a rough process sad he probably is entitled from your description, but applying will take its toll on him, and if not committing suicide is his daily achievement, i worry that the process would push him too close? sad

It is intrusive, and the assessors are picky and often rude. Mine was okay, yet still brought me to tears in the room, but there are more bad stories than good.

ilovechristmas1 Tue 30-Dec-14 11:45:29

hi op ,i have bipolar and applied for pip this year

i fillled in the application myself

it took about 20 weeks for the outcome

i was awarded enhanced care till 2020 and i didnt need a medical

i admit i was very suprised how smooth it went

just to give you and hubby some hope,it was no whey near as bad as i was lead o believe in my experience

good luck

x2boys Tue 30-Dec-14 11:52:08

my four year old gets dla due to autism and learning difficulties he gets midrate care which is about

£54/week enhanced is more but not sure how much I agree with everyone else get advice filling out the form and describe his worst day good luck.

Szeli Tue 30-Dec-14 16:36:30

i have bipolar, applied in june and still waiting. im on the bones of my arse but the form isnt geared towards mh. you could ask cab for help but they said here noone has been approved locally on mh grounds so they did see the point and wouldnt help angry

it's a rough process, get his cpn to fill it out with you to aliveate some of the stress

hooker29 Tue 30-Dec-14 16:50:54

my DH has just applied for this today!!
He's 45 and has been diagnosed with osteoarthritis.He's had to give up his job (but will be looking for another one,although part time I think) as it's very physical and he just can't do it anymore.
I pushed him to see if he could claim anything-he didn't want to at first;I think he needed to accept the fact that he's got a degenerative condition that won't get any better,but I pointed out,like you, that if he were to get PIP,then we could afford for him to work part time,therefore relieving the stress on his joints.
We also looked at Employment and Support Allowance.
It's worth a try and you can apply for him;they'll send the forms in the post.

milkysmum Tue 30-Dec-14 17:03:16

I'm a mental health nurse so have supported many many people with applying for benefits. Before PIP was introduced I would be pretty sure your dh would qualify for DLA. The PIP system is new, I'm never sure at the moment who will get it but it is absolutely worth applying and the sooner the initial phone call is made the better as if it is awarded they will back date to the date of that call. Does your dh have a care coordinator who could help with the process?

ilovechristmas1 Tue 30-Dec-14 17:03:50


there is 4 members in my bipolar group,we all get enhanced rate PIP or middle rate DLA we all have Bipolar

just to give you some cheer

i didnt even need a medical,paper decision and for 5-6yrs

good luck

billiejeanbob Tue 30-Dec-14 18:31:59

If you have any written supporting evidence from any professionals make sure you send copies with the forms. I applied for my ds and he was awarded high rate due to the evidence I enclosed.

Szeli Wed 31-Dec-14 01:09:11

Here's hoping Christmas although they sent me repeated notification that i would hear by 16th Dec from atos but nada. The mht let the daft student nurse fill my paperwork out tho so i don't hold out much hope anyway.

op you cant lose anything by applying

MiaowTheCat Wed 31-Dec-14 07:34:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TestingTestingWonTooFree Wed 31-Dec-14 07:46:08

If you're going to apply it's worth getting advice on completing the form and sending in supporting medical evidence (dealing with the effect of the depression and the additional help required).

Latara Wed 31-Dec-14 09:06:15

I have major recurrent depressive disorder with psychosis; & epilepsy.

I get low rate DLA which is about £82 a month - it's helpful as I can't work full time.

Although it's a lifelong award I will have to reapply for PIP next year which is a pain.

I think your DH should try applying although I can understand why he doesn't - my best friend has a false leg & she hasn't bothered applying for it. But then she can work full time and drive etc.

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