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neighbours dog barking

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parky123 Sat 27-Dec-14 14:32:43

First post on here although I read the board regularly and would appreciate your advice.
We live in a terraced house (me, my husband and 2 month old son). For the past year we've had trouble with one set of neighbours as their dog barks continously as soon as they leave it alone in the house.
Normally they go out every Friday evening and the dog literally barks the whole time from the moment they leave the house until they put they key in the door on return, it also happens usually 2 or 3 nights a week, we have mentioned this to them previously (when the barking has exceeded 2 hours) but nothing has been done and they (particularly the man) is aggressive so I don't feel comfortable approaching them directly again).

After a particularly bad week where the dog was once again barking for hours on end (until midnight) I emailed the local neighbourhood police team asking for their advice ( I have written to the council previously but they were useless all they did was send me a leaflet on how to calm a dog and told me to post it through their door which I did). The neighbourhood police team responded stating that it's a council matter but as we are not the only ones to complain they would have a word with them which they did last monday.

On Wednesday (xmas eve evening ) the dog had been barking for over 3 hours non stop again so in desperation I posted a letter through their door again asking them to take action, Informing them how loud the barking is and it's continous and that we have a 10 week old baby and it's beginning to really effect us.
At 11pm they returned home (dog stopped barking immediately) and they obviously read the letter. We then heard the man shouting and swearing saying this is war, that they don't believe the barking is as we say and they will report us to social services whenever our baby cries (note our baby does not cry for long periods at all, I am breastfeeding so can feed him instantly when he wakes at night and the few occasions he's been really unsettled we've taken him out in the car/for walks to soothe him, we do not let him cry for long periods of time).
My husband thinks we should just leave it now and put up with the barking as he doesn't want trouble or the aggressive man to potentially confront us and maliciously contact social services.

I know in terraced housing you expect to hear your neighbours and we would never complain about normal household noise and I understand that of course all dogs bark occasionally, we've only ever raised the issue when their dog has been barking for hours on end and it literally fills every room in our house.
Am I unreasonable to want to pursue this issue or should we just drop it because of their threats to call SS and the fact the man is very aggressive? is it unreasonable to think a dog continously barking is different to a baby occasionally crying? I believe the neighbours the other side to them also complained as we heard them confront them one evening after the dog had once again been left alone and barking for hours, those neighbours then moved away quite quickly afterwards.
Sorry it's long but your advice would be much appreciated.

TheDaysAreGettingLonger Sat 27-Dec-14 14:37:20

Every six months I am hopefully the renters next door take their barking dogs and leave, they never move out. sad The LA has had a "word" they have had "dog trainers" round. Nothing changes, the problem is they leave the dogs and the dogs have seperation anxiety.

I also got agression and tears from next door, these people do not want what you are saying to be a reality. I would speak to your health visitor and GP and explain what a nusance your neighbours are, incase they report you to social services. The history will be documented with the LA so SS will see it was malicious.

MatildaTheRedNosedReinCat Sat 27-Dec-14 14:41:49

We had a problem with some neighbours who kept their dogs outside and even went on holiday ffs with just someone popping in to feed them. They barked all fucking night. So we contacted the dog warden from the council. He was very helpful and on that occasion put a note on the door stating that they dogs would be removed if they weren't taken in and cared for.

Later the owners were ack on form. They barked all day when the owners were at work and the owners really didn't believe any of the complaints. The dog warden provided another neighbour with some recording equipment and the had to record and log all the noise. So it was a real pita.

The neighbours moved thank god but anyway, I advise you to find the local dog warden and. So for advice. Could they not take the dog out with them or something? It's very difficult.

LegsOfSteel Sat 27-Dec-14 14:42:35

Poor dog and poor you.
The neighbours don't hear the dog so to them it is not an issue.
Can you make it a problem for them by recording the barking then play it back really loudly when they are at home - preferably when you go out.
If they are in their garden play the recording and ruin any peace they have.
They sound really ignorant.

BrokenCircleBreakdown Sat 27-Dec-14 14:43:25

Honestly, I'd move.

We had a similar situation a few years ago, only it was 4 hrs every weekday afternoon non stop barking when owner worked, plus being woken up at 530 every morning and during the night by barking. I had a newborn at the time and a 16 month old. I'm sorry -it must be very stressful for you flowers

itssangriaoclock Sat 27-Dec-14 14:47:48

Could you contact the RSPCA? Let them know how long and often the dog is left unattended and barking for? Surely it's some level of animal cruelty?

Floralnomad Sat 27-Dec-14 14:54:10

The RSPCA will not be interested , if you rent I'd move ,if that's not possible then get back on to the council noise team , in the interim keep a log of each time the dog barks and for how long . The council will help you ,you just need to get onto the right person.

PurpleAlert Sat 27-Dec-14 15:00:36

I know they should do something about it but what about trying a bark stopper .

I know people who had a problem with a neighbour's dog and a few goes with this thing and it sorted the problem out.

If it's that loud through the wall it might work.

Chandon Sat 27-Dec-14 15:07:16

I'd contact dog warden, and would look to move too.

Having noise and aggression from a neighbour is stressful, poor you

hehehahahoho Sat 27-Dec-14 15:18:32

You need to contact environmental health. If the dog barks that consistantly and at such predictable times then it would be relatively easy for Environmental Health to serve a noise abatement order (or whatever it's called????).
It would really help if you could get the Nieghbours from the other side to complain with you.
I'mThe mean time you should keep a diary of exactly when the dog barks- include details of what it sounds like and how it is disturbing you.

You could also record it.

Make a note of what you wrote in letter and of any other times you have had contact with the Nieghbours in the past where you have discussed the dog.

I would also wait a few day to see if your letter has any effect. It's common for people to react very defensively when they are first made aware of a complaint but for them to calm down and be more reasonable once the have had time to think about it. (That doesn't sound likely in this case but it's worth a short wait)

I'm not a dog person but it sounds like the dog must be distressed. Would the RSPCA be of any help?

AntiHop Sat 27-Dec-14 15:36:10

Sounds so stressful. sad

Yes getting environmental health involved sounds like a good idea. They can come round and listen.

Before getting anyone else involved I would try and speak to them again though. It might stop them from getting they're backs up again if you try the personal approach. The man sounds really unpleasant but it's worth a try. Maybe be a bit grovelly even though you don't feel like that as it may make them warm to you.

Perhaps try mediation? Some areas have neighbourhood mediation services often run by a local charity.

If the are private tenants or social housing tenants you could get in touch with their landlord as they may be breaching their tenancy agreement through excessive noise and could be evicted as a result.

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