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Petty or valid

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kittentwo Fri 19-Dec-14 21:10:38

Have applied for a mortgage took documents into estate agent for mortgage broker it was in a named envelope. Estate agent has lost some of the documents had to get copy from accountant he has charged for this, not a lot but a bit, my DH has passed this invoice on to estate agent. I cant help thinking its a bit petty but then again personal documents have gone missing.

DoubleValiumLattePlease Fri 19-Dec-14 21:14:12

Depends how much it is. If it's £3.95 then yes, it's petty. If it's £50 it's totally reasonable.

jammygem Fri 19-Dec-14 21:15:49

It's their mistake, I think the cost should be passed on. I'd be more worried about them losing important documents though, to be honest.

Lucciana Fri 19-Dec-14 21:16:31

I think on principle, as they lost the documents, they should pay for the replacements. Maybe it will teach them to be a bit more careful in future.

kittentwo Fri 19-Dec-14 21:25:19

Yes, I think I agree it was about £30.00 charge. Think we are stressed as in a rush for a decision on mortgage being pushed by vendor and purchaser only us holding up and we need it sorting.

wanttosqueezeyou Fri 19-Dec-14 21:27:28

£30 - valid IMO

Cabrinha Fri 19-Dec-14 21:29:36

Even £3.95 would be petty although I could see you might not be bothered with the hassle. But £30, of COURSE they should bear the cost!

Discopanda Fri 19-Dec-14 21:33:59

Wow, I'd be extremely wary of an estate agent who lost important documents. I hope you've made their manager aware of this.

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