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To think cyclists should allow cars to overtake them?

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Twitterqueen Mon 01-Dec-14 17:59:17

If you're cycling and you know a car is behind you and wants to overtake, should you let them / facilitate the overtake or deliberately refuse and shout 'wait' at the car? When the road ahead is straight and clear for well over half a mile, when the car has been patiently waiting for a safe, straight stretch, there is no other traffic but the road is just that little bit too narrow for the car to want to do it without some kind of affirmation from the cyclist, ie stop pedaling for a few seconds and move a bit closer into the side of the road?

listed Mon 01-Dec-14 18:01:00

Cyclists should definitely never give the signal to overtake.

Cars may only overtake when it is safe to do so, and it is not safe to do so if there is limited visibility or the road is too narrow.

If a cyclist gives a signal to overtake, and is mistaken, causing an accident, the cyclist may then be liable.

Same principle as on horseback.

Sunna Mon 01-Dec-14 18:01:52

YANBU but cyclists, in general, are very unreasonable.

ShadowKat Mon 01-Dec-14 18:03:42

I'm possibly being a bit thick here, but if it's a safe, straight stretch of road with no other traffic, why does the cyclist need to move over at all?

Why can't the car driver use at least part of the other side of the road to overtake and give the cyclist a wide berth?

Are you on a single track road? Because otherwise I'm struggling to understand your problem.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 01-Dec-14 18:10:34

I should imagine there was some reason behind the cyclists thinking. Did they pull over at some point or did the road become wider a short distance onwards?

I often cycle on a single track road and a car can't get past me unless I pull in. I do always pull in but it may not be straight away. I'm not going to pull onto the verge or into potholes. The car will need to wait until a gateway.

If I was on a single track road which had intermittent wide bits I may well not pull in and the car could wait for the next wide bit.

Depending how busy the road is a cyclist could have to stop and pull in for 50 cars. That can make a big difference on a ride especially if you're really pushing yourself. My heart sinks sometimes at the thought of pulling in for the twentieth time when I've got a good speed and rhythm going.

Cyclists do have as much right to be on the road as cars.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 01-Dec-14 18:11:18

And if a cyclist shouted wait at you then you must have been about to do something which made the cyclist feel unsafe.

northernlurker Mon 01-Dec-14 18:12:02

'the road is just that little bit too narrow for the car to want to do it without some kind of affirmation from the cyclist, ie stop pedaling for a few seconds and move a bit closer into the side of the road?'

This means the road is too narrow for the car to pass. Therefore the car driver will have to WAIT. Hence the shout from the cyclist who probably doesn't fancy being hit or cycling in the crappy edge of road tarmac to facilitate somebody else's burning need not to be behind a cyclist.
Cars should allow a bike the same amount of space as they would a car to overtake safely. Therefore if you couldn't pass a car there safely you can't pass a bike.

Assuming this is you Op - learn some patience. You'll need it if you're driving behind me in those circs because I will not let you passed if to do so impairs my own safety.

Bulbasaur Mon 01-Dec-14 18:12:02

Why wait for their permission to pass? If they're hogging the road, we just pass them with just enough room to make it safe, but still uncomfortable for them that a big vehicle is close. Unless a cyclist is deliberately being a dick, then we give them less room

The exception to this is if they have kids. Then we just totter behind until they get off the road or turn to a different street.

The majority of cyclists are either idiots or assholes. I've seen bikes jerk out in front of cars to cycle in front. I've also seen bikes try to road rage with cars.

northernlurker Mon 01-Dec-14 18:13:26

Bulbasaur - you're clearly well equipped to recognise an asshole hmm

specialsubject Mon 01-Dec-14 18:13:32

have you ever ridden a bike? (Ignoring Sunna who must be the kind of person that nearly killed my husband because she didn't get her lazy backside out of bed in time and so overtook dangerously)

the edges of the road are rough and often have potholes or rubbish. Do you drive in the gutter?

you can wait until the road is clear and then overtake leaving plenty of room. You make your own decisions, like a grown up. If you aren't a grown up stick to pedal cars. You don't expect cars to move over for you to overtake and it is the same with cyclists.

nine chances in ten that when you get to the next roundabout/junction, the cyclist you risked your neck to overtake will be right behind you. Because those few seconds are so, so important, aren't they?

listed Mon 01-Dec-14 18:13:57

Bulbasaur you sound like a complete and utter tool.

Bulbasaur Mon 01-Dec-14 18:14:18

I should also mention we don't have narrow roads here. There is plenty of room for both cyclists AND cars. No reason for bikes to ride near the middle line of both lanes.

APlaceInTheWinter Mon 01-Dec-14 18:14:26

I think they should pull over, just the same as a car/tractor is supposed to pull over if it's holding back the flow of traffic. However, I also think cyclists should have to sit a test if they want to cycle on roads. The different standards of cycling on busy main roads are an unnecessary hazard which a test might help to eradicate.

specialsubject Mon 01-Dec-14 18:14:38

can somebody turn off the arsehole attractant on this thread please? We have two here who really don't know how to drive the car that doubtless was bought for them. Pity he didn't buy them driving lessons too.

Yarp Mon 01-Dec-14 18:14:56

Cyclists generally "hog" the road because the side of the road is where nasties like potholes lie.

What northernlurker said, basically

Of course there are bad cyclists around, but I think it's more common for car drivers to have no idea what it is like to cycle

VivaLeBeaver Mon 01-Dec-14 18:16:02

I only see one idiot and asshole round here.

Bulbasaur, if you passed me close enough on purpose to make me uncomfortable (or closer) if I caught up with you in traffic I'd give your car a good kick with my metal clips.

And if I didnt catch up with you and I had a close pass on my GoPro I'd take it to the police.

Remember a lot of cyclists have cameras now.

Bulbasaur Mon 01-Dec-14 18:18:02

And if I didnt catch up with you and I had a close pass on my GoPro I'd take it to the police.

If I can't get into the oncoming lane of traffic to pass you safely, the problem is with you, not me. wink

I'd have no problem point out to the police that an idiot cyclist was driving in the middle of the road. smile

listed Mon 01-Dec-14 18:18:33

Imagine it is a busy road with a steady stream of traffic.

Those who think the cyclist should pull over, how are they ever meant to get where they are going.

I suggest you read the Highway Code. It's pretty clear.

Yarp Mon 01-Dec-14 18:19:09

I think cycle cameras are a brilliant idea.

Here in central London, I think the vast majority of drivers are reasonable and don't take foolish risks to get past a cyclist. no one is getting anywhere very fast anyway.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 01-Dec-14 18:19:14

Bulbasaur. Official advice is for cyclists to take the primary position. Or hog the road as you term it. Its proved to be safer for cyclists than gutter riding.

If I car wants to pass a cyclist then they have to give as much space as passing a on the other side of the road. So cyclists should be able to be in the middle of their lane if they wish!

Practically you'll find most don't ride in the middle of the lane.

I will sometimes. On roads where you can't get two cars and a cycle safely past each other. It makes cars have to wait until its clear the other way rather than trying to squeeze through and putting me at risk.

Doobledootch Mon 01-Dec-14 18:19:45

Bulbasaur people like you shouldn't be allowed driving licences, is your need to get somewhere really more important than someone else's life?

I find it so utterly depressing that you sound proud of yourself for being like this.

shaska Mon 01-Dec-14 18:21:03

Not sure if this applies here, but one of the big risks to cyclists is parked cars, because of people opening doors without looking.

If I'm cycling next to parked cars then I stay well clear, and I've often had drivers behind me get quite aggressive about it as it can sometimes impede their ability to pass.

Obviously, I move over and allow them to pass where it's safe to do so - at intersections/wider spots or in places where there aren't cars parked, but I'm afraid I won't risk having someone open a door into me just so a driver can pass me that little bit sooner. I do understand it must be a bit annoying though.

There is also the fact that a cyclist is more likely to be aware of an uneven/unsafe surface on the side of the road than a car driver might be - meaning again that they won't pull in until it's safe to do so.

If a cyclist shouts 'wait' at you then either they're a dick, or you're crowding them and endangering their safety, which means you're a dick. There are dicks on all modes of transport, and that includes cyclists - so it's hard to tell whether anyone was being unreasonable here, or whether it's one of those things that's a bit annoying but essentially faultless.

VivaLeBeaver Mon 01-Dec-14 18:21:33

"And if I didnt catch up with you and I had a close pass on my GoPro I'd take it to the police.

If I can't get into the oncoming lane of traffic to pass you safely, the problem is with you, not me.

I'd have no problem point out to the police that an idiot cyclist was driving in the middle of the road. "

I suggest you'd read the Highway Code and my previous post. The police would laugh at you and then hopefully prosecute you for dangerous driving.

You're supposed to wait until its clear in the opposite direction and then cross the white line to overtake.

FelixFelix Mon 01-Dec-14 18:21:41

Bulbasaur, let us all know how that works out for you when you've knocked off a cyclist through no fault of their own and leave someone's family member seriously injured.

Do people seriously think this is the right way to act? Cyclists have as much right to be in the road as other vehicles. What a horrible person you are.

listed Mon 01-Dec-14 18:22:38

Cyclists have it pretty difficult from car drivers on the road, a lot of the time.

On a horse it can be terrifying hmm

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