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To ask DD(6) if she wants to build a snowman? (lighthearted)

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BramwellBrown Sat 29-Nov-14 07:29:46

She's still in bed and I've been up for hours, she does it to me every weekend so it's only fair isn't it?

PedlarsSpanner Sat 29-Nov-14 07:31:02

Haha yes v tempting I'll bet!

glentherednosedbattleostrich Sat 29-Nov-14 07:32:57

What, enjoy tea and MNetting in peace.

If you are really bored you could borrow my amazing non sleeping 4 year old. She will chat to you constantly about whatever thought pops up, what she is doing and anything else

BramwellBrown Sat 29-Nov-14 07:39:29

I am pretty bored glen and constant 4 year old chatter is probably more interesting than the essay I'm meant to be writing, doesn't get revenge on DD though.

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