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AIBU to think that if a supermarket build its carpark on a slope

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StandardHeight Sun 02-Nov-14 21:48:53

Then it should put brakes on the trolleys. Hrrrruuummpphh.

26Point2Miles Sun 02-Nov-14 22:09:18

Don't trolleys have brakes these days?

CheeseEqualsHappiness Sun 02-Nov-14 22:12:49

Our local sainsburys has no brakes and a slopey car park. When I had SPD it was unbelievable hard!

StandardHeight Sun 02-Nov-14 22:26:49

26point, that's the issue, trolleys are radially available with brakes in nowadays. So why not put them on if they are building a supermarket on a slope fgs.
I have had so many things happen, really dangerous. All because there were no brakes on the trolley.
When my ds was about a year old, he was seated in the toddler seat in a trolley. I put the trolley near to my boot, reached for my keys opened the car and then used both hands to lift the boot and start putting in the shopping bags. The trolley started rolling, it hit a small ridge, and although it was going extremely slow the trolley started to tip when I grabbed it. Fortunately I had unloaded quite a bit of the shopping and I was able to lift it back up before any real damage was done.
Also I had just bought a new car, a lady let go of her trolley and it rolled and went straight into my car. These are just a couple of examples but there have been loads. I just think surely they are liable if someone had an injury because of it. It's impossible at one of the supermarkets I visit to guarantee that the trolley will stay still when you're unloading the shopping to the car.
I know I'm being really boring here but I do think it's an issue.

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