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Missing ipad

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Gumnast2014 Sun 02-Nov-14 06:20:31

Came off a long haul flight the other day, DS left ipad in seat pocket. We were definitely the last to get off, were right at the back. All tired do just waited.

Realised as soon as got off the plane but they wouldn't let me go back on. Went straight to transfer desk and they checked the plane twice and cleaner also checked and not there.

I totally blame myself for this I should have checked, but just don't get where it would have gone. I really don't think the cabin crew would risk their jobs over an iPad.

All out holiday pictures, everything. Gone.

Travel insurance only covers items on you do not covered.

Put a right former on holiday but know it was my own bloody fault hmmhmm

wowfudge Sun 02-Nov-14 06:32:30

Not sure what your AIBU is, but you should contact the airline from home with as many details as possible, date, times, who you spoke to, etc. Unfortunately don't be so sure about the honesty of others.

Also try contacting Apple as they may be able to tell if the device has been used, etc.

Did you have any security apps installed and activated? You may be able to track where the iPad is. If your holiday insurance won't cover you, what about home insurance?

Gumnast2014 Sun 02-Nov-14 06:35:31

Yep sorry I'm not sure what the aibu is maybe aibu to think my iPad can't have just disappeared

Thank you, I'm just really upset And kicking myself

Rosa Sun 02-Nov-14 06:39:49

You are aibu as if you had found it you would have returned it.... I would again contact the airline in writing , Call , don't give up. you never k ow it might be still in with the magazines and been missed when they tidy.
If its short haul then likely the plane has already done another run and maybe a passenger has handed it to a new crew???

wowfudge Sun 02-Nov-14 06:44:36

OP has already stated it was long haul flight.

Gumnast2014 Sun 02-Nov-14 06:46:41

What do you mean rosa that I am bu as if I had found it I would have returned it?grin

SavoyCabbage Sun 02-Nov-14 06:53:36

Have you another Apple device? Use find my phone to track it. You can also wipe it and lock it.

Sleepysheepsleeping Sun 02-Nov-14 06:57:25

Yes, do you have IOS7 on the iPad as I think find my iphone (or find my iPad) is standard from that update..... Log into find my iphone from another apple device, you might even be able to do it on a computer with your icloud ID to see if you can find it.

Gumnast2014 Sun 02-Nov-14 07:01:13

Oh you are good

I have logged onto find my iPhone but it's saying it's off line.

There is an option to erase all data but then it says that it then can't be tracked?

Gumnast2014 Sun 02-Nov-14 07:04:15

I have emailed customer services do you think tweeting ethiad may help?

At the flight transfer desk they just kept saying it was my responsibility.

Andrewofgg Sun 02-Nov-14 07:11:51

At the flight transfer desk they just kept saying it was my responsibility.

And they were right, but I hope find my phone helps eventually. Good luck.

LuckyLopez Sun 02-Nov-14 07:20:13

I did this earlier in the year with BA and they couldn't have been more helpful. I got it back the next day. Contact the actual airport's list property as that is where it will end up and I was told it takes2/3 days to work its way there. They usually have a website detailing the items found.

LuckyLopez Sun 02-Nov-14 07:20:49

Lost property obviously.

Sleepysheepsleeping Sun 02-Nov-14 08:56:52

I would keep checking back with find my iphone in case if it's nicked, they go online eventually.

Gumnast2014 Sun 02-Nov-14 09:03:58

Aahhhh they have just phoned and found it!

Shipping it to me. Can't believe it but I am definetly going to get gadget insurance! Not worth the stress


Sleepysheepsleeping Sun 02-Nov-14 17:42:07

Brilliant news! We get our gadget insurance through our Barclays Bank accouny at 7.50 a month and covers our iPhones and iPad

sykadelic Sun 02-Nov-14 18:30:42

I lost a diamond ring once. It was only small and from an ex so not relevant now but I was pretty damn upset that it "disappeared"

maninawomansworld Sun 02-Nov-14 18:36:42

I bet the jobsworth who wouldn't let you back on sprinted straight to the back of the plane and swiped it!

If you have any security apps installed then activate them. You can use the ipad GPS to locate it (accurate to about 4 meters). I'd turn up and demand they hand it over.

ChippingInAutumnLover Sun 02-Nov-14 18:59:44

maninawomansworld oh if only you had read the thread.

ChippingInAutumnLover Sun 02-Nov-14 19:00:35


Brilliant smile So glad you got it back and even better, still have all your holiday photos and your holiday wasn't over shadowed by this smile

Andrewofgg Sun 02-Nov-14 19:04:37

Gumnast Wonderful - everyone likes a thread with a happy ending grin

sharonthewaspandthewineywall Sun 02-Nov-14 19:25:12

Brilliant news

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