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To be annoyed at DM about this...

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han3459 Thu 30-Oct-14 19:47:52

Hi all-

My 12 year old DD suffers badly with allergies. She is asthmatic and particularly sensitive to cats/cat hair. If she touches them it makes her eyes go puffy and she often gets wheezy and has to use her inhaler.

My DM often has DD around for sleepovers/looks after her when we have to work late etc, which I am grateful for.

However, she has sent me a message yesterday with a picture of two kittens she has bought! AIBU to be really annoyed at this? She knows full well about DDs allergies. I know it is not her responsibility to alter her life to look after my DD, but now every time DD goes round she is going to be in discomfort and it is highly unlikely she will be able to stay there now.

I just think this will cause huge problems and isn't fair on my DD who will now inevitably get to spend less time with her nan :/

Sirzy Thu 30-Oct-14 19:51:46

Its a tough one. I can understand why you are miffed but (as the parent of a child who is also allergic to dogs/cats) you can't expect other people to revolve their lives around the allergies. I would just calmly explain to your mum that now she will have to see your DD at your house or take her out

Pancakeflipper Thu 30-Oct-14 19:54:36

Perhaps your mother has always wanted an animal/pet and waited until your daughter is beginning to reach an age that she thinks is more independent before acting on what she wants?

It's sad and annoying for you but your mother can still see you all, just at yours. It will be as big a problem as you make it.

YackityYackYack Thu 30-Oct-14 19:56:12

I would be upset, I think I would probably seriously reduce the amount of time my DC spent there.

How does your DD respond with Piriton? Is it enough to settle down the allergy? Or is the asthma not an 'allergic' reaction? (don't now enough about it, sorry.)

Some people have found that having constant/frequent exposure to an animal reduced/removes the allergic effect of that particular animal. So maybe having frequent exposure to your DM's cat will help strengthen her immunity?

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