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To think it can't be done (holiday packing)

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WhenSheWasBadSheWasHorrid Mon 23-Jun-14 16:58:17

Argh. Dh has just looked at my pile(s) of packing for one week in France. He has just informed me that he has not booked us any luggage allowance (flying Ryanair).

So I have to pack for two adults, dd (3) and ds (8 months) using only two carry on cases and dd's trunkii (sp?)

Never mind that they both have emollient creams and suncreams that is easily bigger than 100ml

Is he being overly optimistic or am I being a bit high maintenance

LillianGish Tue 24-Jun-14 19:52:48

Shopping suggestion was not meant to be extravagant just that I usually like to a bit of shopping on holiday anyway and when kids were babies used to love shopping for baby clothes in France - much cheaper and more choice. I've also never had a problem with washing on holiday - as long as there is a machine where you are staying. I myself would never travel without hold luggage - but it's true it does speed things up at the airport and you never have to worry about anything going missing. And sorry OnIlkleyMoor, but a flight to France is hardly a long-haul marathon wherever you take off from.

Janek Tue 24-Jun-14 19:47:00

i would buy one of these backpacks and use it instead of the trunki at the very least...

diddl Tue 24-Jun-14 19:14:43

I think that it's doable, but that's not the point!
If you don't want to have to wash clothes/buy stuff there, book a hold bag.

jay55 Tue 24-Jun-14 18:57:29

Juggling 2 kids and multiple bags in the airport will not be fun, even with inlaws to help.

CMP69 Tue 24-Jun-14 17:15:37

We take 2 full size cases, a trunkie, my hand luggage and DH camera gear on a weeks holiday, for me DH and a 5yo blush

Perspective21 Tue 24-Jun-14 16:59:57

Make him drive all your luggage there!

Love the competitive minimalist packing tales, it's possible but not great!

If you think the children's stuff needs a case, book one. Agree with pp saying I'd rather have some of the stuff I like to wear, with me.

ChickenFajitasAndNachos Tue 24-Jun-14 16:45:05

My DH is an over packer and i could be a writer of a magazine article called 'take these 10 holiday essential and create a look for every occasion'. But then I go and ruin it by packing about 48 pairs of knickers and 20 hair scrunchies.

Tinkerball Tue 24-Jun-14 16:38:11

I love the competitive minimalistic packing that rears it's head on threads like this! I buy things I need for our hi day as I go along eg toiletries, no way would I do this out if our spending money, it would be just too much! Thankfully we drive to France and can take what we like but last year went to California for a fortnight, me, DH and our two boys, we all had a hold and cabin bag each, my cabin bag fitted a cardi, pair of shoes and a few books and not much else.

secretcbeebiesfan Tue 24-Jun-14 13:42:18

I agree with the posters who mention people who would buy clothes out there and all that just to save money on a hold luggage.

A holiday for me is a luxury, something which happens every now and again, I save up money and go out there to relax, eat out, have a few drinks etc... and don't want to spend my time doing laundry just to save a few pennies. A holiday is to enjoy!

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Tue 24-Jun-14 13:29:43

A lot depends on your destination OP. Guaranteed sun or possibility of rain and damp. Had the central heating on in the Dordogne at the end of June last yr. It was frickin freezing.

You'll manage, the kids might look a little grubby for a week so don't pack any white shorts grin

I'd check if PILs have hold luggage booked for themselves. If you have to wait around for theirs to arrive on the carousel anyway, you may as well book a bag or two in the hold. I like to do carry on where I can but you already have to carry a baby FGS, plus shepherd two other children and all their stuff on a plane.

TinklyLittleLaugh Tue 24-Jun-14 13:19:41

Agree with Girl, we have been caught out with the weight of our hand luggage even though our cases were small.

MissMooMoo Tue 24-Jun-14 13:15:12

I think its fine, how much stuff do you need to take?
filling up a washing machine and turning it on takes 2 minutes, , hardly precious time!
ryan air charge a huge amount for baggage, totally unnecessary!

PandasRock Tue 24-Jun-14 12:51:22

1 of the cabin bags I used when I went to the US for 3 weeks with only hand luggage was a trunki. Exactly the same size as the Trnki the OP has hmm. You can get a surprising amount in them if you pack carefully. The other was a nappy/change bag, as dd2 was only 14 months, so didn't have a seat, so not baggage allocation, just a change bag allowed.

Given the flight length (I had a 3 year old and a 1 year old) those 2 bags were: 1 for food for the flight duration (multiple allergies meant the airline couldn't cater) plus drinks as dd1 had issues at the time and so we had a medical exemption to take a specific drink through security, again for the flight. And the nappy bag also had toys and activities on the flight - even I, as a minimal packer couldn't contemplate a long haul flight without stuff for the dc to do! But these doubled up, eg dd2 had a set of bath toy dinosaurs, which she then used as pool toys on holiday.

Which left me with 2xcabon bags to pack all our clothes into. My motto is wear one, take 3 or 4 (depending on type of holiday or duration). It works, as long as you are happy to (and have the facilities to) bung a wash on every few days - hardly an arduous chore.

Btw, it wasn't my choice to use only hand baggage that time - we were flying the day after T5 opened, and couldn't risk anythign getting lost - dd1 has severe ASD so it was important to be able to pack familiar items, and it would have been a nightmare to be caught up in the chaos which happened. But, it worked. It wasn't the end of the world, and it opened my eyes to what you really need to take on holiday.

Oriunda Tue 24-Jun-14 12:24:49

You can with Ryanair. They changed their rules and I've been on 4 flights with them in the last month. In addition to your trolley you can take a small nappy/hand bag/rucksack.

ChickenFajitasAndNachos Tue 24-Jun-14 12:17:09

You can with Ryanair.

yellowdinosauragain Tue 24-Jun-14 12:14:44

I'm flying with easyJet this summer. Trust me I've checked the website more than once. See here

Amateurish Tue 24-Jun-14 12:12:07

yellow - yes you can. Check the website if you don't believe me.

yellowdinosauragain Tue 24-Jun-14 12:02:26

Amateurish not with easyJet and Ryanair you can't. They are absolutely explicit about this.

Amateurish Tue 24-Jun-14 11:45:19

OP - don't forget you can take on two bags per passenger (one cabin bag, one small bag).

Adding a 20kg hold bag will cost you £80 BTW.

DowntonTrout Tue 24-Jun-14 10:32:07

This is not worth the stress. Book a hold bag and take what you need.

OnIlkleyMoorBahTwat Tue 24-Jun-14 10:28:07

The flight isn't necessarily short either Lillian. She hasn't said what her route is.

OK, London to Paris might only be less than an hour for example, but Edinburgh to Marseille is 2.5 hours, so not that short for bored 3 year olds.

And the Ryanair cabin case is significantly smaller than that allowed by other airlines, so those saying I went to the US or China with hand luggage are likely to have had a case or bag with nearly twice the volume.

ChickenFajitasAndNachos Tue 24-Jun-14 10:26:24

We do the the same with ear plugs. I've just brought quite a few pairs from EBay for DH when he swims rather than pay the high prices in the hotel shop. I also brought a couple of lilos and beach balls for a total of �8 and will leave them there for another family to use?

amicissimma Tue 24-Jun-14 10:24:06

You need one of these jackets.

OnIlkleyMoorBahTwat Tue 24-Jun-14 10:18:56

Exactly - unless you are very familiar with the country and the shops, you won't know what brands are available and how much they will cost.

As well as not pissing about with washing on holiday, I don't want to be trailing round for essentials on the day of arrival when i could have just thrown everything in a suitcase at home.

It is likely that you will need to go for the smallest packs sizes, because you can't bring any home, because you haven't got any luggage space and aren't allowed liquids in your hand luggage unless in tiny bottles.

So despite having an enormous value pack of your favourite nappies at home, you need to buy a small pack on holiday, which is likely to cost more per nappy. Same for creams, wipes etc.

There was a thread on here a while ago complaining about the cost of painkillers and other medications abroad. They seemed to average 5 to 10 times the cost. We buy ibuprofen for about 30 pence a pack in any supermarket. In Spain, and probably France, you can only get them from pharmacies, that have quite limited opening hours and they cost several Euros per pack.

Bearbehind Tue 24-Jun-14 10:06:48

How on earth is it more cost and time effective to buy stuff when you get to your destination rather than paying to check in a case? hmm

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