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My neighbour just had a right go at me.

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WiganandSalfordLocalEditor Mon 16-Jun-14 14:53:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

comedycentral Mon 16-Jun-14 14:59:24

He is an idiot. Tell him if he's so concerned he should phone the police, you have nothing to hide.

WiganandSalfordLocalEditor Mon 16-Jun-14 15:00:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TaliZorahVasNormandy Mon 16-Jun-14 15:03:17

Do a credit rating and show it to him. What an idiot.

Hobbes8 Mon 16-Jun-14 15:06:38

Tell him to fuck off or you'll report him for insurance fraud.

WiganandSalfordLocalEditor Mon 16-Jun-14 15:06:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SignoraStronza Mon 16-Jun-14 15:06:49

Well, just politely let him know that his rellies are committing fraud and write 'rts - not known at this address' on mail addressed to them.

BlackeyedSusan Mon 16-Jun-14 15:07:23

he is lying about his reli's insurance and he accuses you. cheeky bugger!

WiganandSalfordLocalEditor Mon 16-Jun-14 15:08:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Floralnomad Mon 16-Jun-14 15:09:13

Would it be possible to put 2 post boxes on the wall outside so that the postman can deliver 26 to one box and 26b to the other .

Theodorous Mon 16-Jun-14 15:10:02

That is just horrible. People are so nasty sometimes. Ignoring his nuttiness how awful that you have to share a door with him. He is completely at fault and I too would be tempted to report the insurance fraud. Nice to hear you live in a safe area though I guess.

lastnightIwenttoManderley Mon 16-Jun-14 15:10:11 he's helping someone commit insurance fraud and (indirectly) drive an uninsured vehicle? Insurers aren't stupid.

Sounds like he needs to sort his own affairs out before having a go at you. I'd also be questioning just how much post he's getting for you. Sounds like it's minimal anyway.

Try not to let it get to you, hard as it may be.

Objection Mon 16-Jun-14 15:10:33

Don't do a credit rating!! Too many credit checks affect it!
) just smile and nod, what a fricking loon

lastnightIwenttoManderley Mon 16-Jun-14 15:10:51

Oops...crossed posts!

OfficerVanHalen Mon 16-Jun-14 15:11:51

Tell hin he needs to write off to experian and all the others for a credit report. It is the nature of living in flats and/or rented accommodation that sometimes your credit rating can get fucked up, it is absolutely NO ONE'S FAULT, it'd his responsibility as an adult to keep track of these things, and i would tell him that you don't want to fall out, but you also don't appreciate being spoken to aggressively and having your post interfered with.

ChasedByBees Mon 16-Jun-14 15:12:16

Definitely tell the landlord. If he's swearing at you and being aggressive then you can also call the police.

TickleMePurple Mon 16-Jun-14 15:12:45

Credit ratings aren't attached to addresses any more they are attached to people. But that's irrelevant, you should be getting support/advice if you're "terrified" of what will happen if a mis-addressed letter arrives. Do you have the same landlord?

FesterAddams Mon 16-Jun-14 15:13:11

He has also told me his water bill is in a relatives name and his other relative uses his address for insurance ... and has asked me not to return the letters to that name if I see them.

Bollocks to that. He's commiting fraud and there's no reason you should enable it. When the insurance etc find out this might also affect your credit rating.

Just keep on doing what you're doing - take mail addressed to you, leave mail addressed to him, and return everything else to sender.

HecatePropylaea Mon 16-Jun-14 15:14:46

Sounds like he's judging you by his standards.

I'd consider getting individual letterboxes mounted on the walls outside. With a good lock.

fubbsy Mon 16-Jun-14 15:17:54

Don't engage with this person any more, he is a nutter. He thinks you are lying, but you know you are telling the truth. Nothing you do will ever please him.

Neither you nor he has any control of what letters get sent to your house or how other people address those letters. You won't win the argument because he is not being rational.

WiganandSalfordLocalEditor Mon 16-Jun-14 15:22:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wowfudge Mon 16-Jun-14 15:33:34

Just to be absolutely sure there is no confusion, I would contact Experian and get a copy of your credit history. If anyone else's name appears on there connected specifically to your address you can create a disassociation so it is clear they have nothing to do with you.

HopefulMum111 Mon 16-Jun-14 15:46:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WiganandSalfordLocalEditor Mon 16-Jun-14 18:18:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WiganandSalfordLocalEditor Mon 16-Jun-14 18:20:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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