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to ask for your help to get this out there?

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genderdocumentary Thu 27-Mar-14 09:41:23

I've been on mumsnet for 100 years but have namechanged for this to maintain my mumsnet right to anonymity.

My husband has made a documentary about gender equality for the BBC. It gives the perspective of 4 teenage girls on what stands in the way of them being treated equally.

I'm obviously biased but it's a great piece of work. It's already been broadcast on BBC World TV and World Service radio but he'd really like to get it out to more teenage girls and boys and would be grateful for any advice or tips on how to do this.

(I told him that Mumsnet was the best place in the world to ask such a question so please don't let me down.)

Radio doc is here:

TV doc is here:

Thanks for reading.

Mogz Thu 27-Mar-14 10:31:28

Can't watch right now but bumping for you so more people see it.

Flossyfloof Thu 27-Mar-14 10:34:13

You could put it on the Times Educational Supplement website - they have a forum for teachers.

TheGirlFromIpanema Thu 27-Mar-14 10:39:23

I will share with dd and her friends smile

genderdocumentary Thu 27-Mar-14 11:30:51

Thank you Mogz and Ipanema.

Good idea Flossyfloof. Will try that.

Supercosy Thu 27-Mar-14 11:32:09

I will watch it with DD. Good luck with it.

genderdocumentary Thu 27-Mar-14 11:48:40

Sorry I should also add that the girls are 15-16 and, in the section on the UK, there is quite a bit of discussion on sex and porn and the comments that girls get from boys (even in the school enviroment). This is part of a broader discussion of equality, it's not a doc about sex or porn.

My kids are still very young and I found it a bit shocking. I'm sure that parents of teens are less naive than me, but I thought I should mention it.

genderdocumentary Thu 27-Mar-14 11:49:48

Thanks Supercosy.

ViviPru Thu 27-Mar-14 11:57:48

Christ on a bike, I know YouTube comments are hardly the font of higher wisdom, nor necessarily reflective of the beliefs of humanity as a whole but it does make for some very worrying reading.

genderdocumentary Thu 27-Mar-14 12:13:22

Yes ViviPru, I'm afraid there's not much I can say about the world of YouTube comments.

This is a doc in which 15 year old girls talk about what they think and what they experience. Hard to see why that is so threatening...

ViviPru Thu 27-Mar-14 12:14:22

Just utterly depressing isn't it (the inane comments I mean) Sorry to focus on that - I know that's not the gist of this thread.....

BookABooSue Thu 27-Mar-14 12:19:17

Sorry I've not got time to watch the video just now but from your summary, I'd suggest the following:

Contact charities who work on gender equality and ask if they would like to display it on their websites (you could provide a copy that they could display rather than link to youtube since they might be wary of the Youtube comments).

Send the link to the No More Page 3 campaign - they often link to blogs, videos, etc from their facebook page and they have an active support base. They don't just focus on Page 3 so the topic would seem to fit.

It might also be worth contacting youth organisations eg Girlguiding and Scouting. They do a tonne of work on equality and have massive membership.

horsetowater Thu 27-Mar-14 12:23:55

I'll Facebook it to my daughter, she might manage a share or two. Ultimtately though it needs to get into schools. It should be shown in the context of teens becoming future parents perhaps, so in relationships education (if they ever get such a thing).

genderdocumentary Thu 27-Mar-14 12:30:34

Thanks BookABooSue - some great ideas which have been added to the list.

And horsetowater yes, I wish all kids could watch it at school

horsetowater Thu 27-Mar-14 13:01:05

You could try the PRUs as well (Pupil Referral Units) I think they have more time to discuss things and more flexibility regarding what they teach and they are mostly teens.

HHinde2014 Thu 27-Mar-14 20:37:57

Send it to @everydaysexism on Twitter too. I am a teacher and I'll show it in school. Get a preview on Guardian education? So many ways to promote.

genderdocumentary Fri 28-Mar-14 11:28:02

Thanks horsetowater and HHinde - some more good ideas.

I think he tried everdaysexism but didn't get a response. I'll get him to try again.

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