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Aibu to cry and scream?

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CrohnicallyChanging Tue 18-Mar-14 17:09:35

First a bit of background. I have a stinking cold and my gums are sore, so I'm not in the best of moods. Plus I got woken early this morning by somebody clattering around in the bathroom at 6:30 goodness knows what time. I tried to have a little nap earlier, but again I was woken and had embarrassingly managed to drool all over my t-shirt while asleep!

So today, I have been dragged round the shops by my DM. The first shop didn't have what she wanted, so we had to get back in the car and drive to an almost identical shop in the next town. I don't like going in the car at the best of times, never mind when I'm grumpy like this, but she insisted as it was 'too far to walk'.

When we got back home, I wanted to go in the garden. I know it's been raining today, but I just prefer being outside in the fresh air. I persuaded my DM to come out with me, but we'd barely been out for 10 minutes before she declared she could smell something funny and hauled me inside for a nappy change!

So AIBU to have a huge screaming tantrum, the kind where your eyes go red and your nose streams?

CrohnicallyTantrumming age 1 1/2

Imnotmadeofeyes Tue 18-Mar-14 17:14:41


You'll have the best sleep now though - tantrum tired I like to call it.

Recharge your batteries and see how much your DM likes the look of 6am on a Sunday morning.

WorraLiberty Tue 18-Mar-14 17:32:14

Do you still see yourself as her little girl in some way?

I'm just wondering about the terminology you're using. She 'dragged' you round the shops and 'hauled' you inside.

It might be easier said that done, but you sound like you need to assert yourself as an adult a bit more.

Sparklingbrook Tue 18-Mar-14 17:34:32

YANBU. Have a nap now and put bedtime back a bit? That will show her.

mum11970 Tue 18-Mar-14 17:39:51

Worra, I think it's wriiten by the mother on behalf of her baby.

flamingtoaster Tue 18-Mar-14 17:43:31

YANBU Remember that having a cold and sore gums entitles you to need comforting at whatever periods you feel necessary thoughout tonight. To avoid DM getting upset by having so many sleep interruptions do try to give her a winning, appreciative, smile occasionally after she comforts you. You can always catch up on your sleep during the day tomorrow.

WorraLiberty Tue 18-Mar-14 17:44:00

Oh bugger, so it is blush blush

I thought the OP's Mum hauled her in to change the baby's nappy!

CrohnicallyChanging Tue 18-Mar-14 17:56:00

grin worra well yes, I do see myself as her little girl still, seeing as I only come up as high as her thighs! And I'm trying to assert myself more, like with not wanting to go in the car, but it's so hard when they're so much bigger and can just pick you up and put you in anyway!

Eyes and brook No! No nap! Not tired!

flamingtoaster I like that idea, I've been neglecting my sleep-depriving duties as of late. I think I overdid it last week (3 nights on the trot I was up for 2-3 hours between 12 and 5am, took some real effort to do that, I can tell you!) so have been catching up on sleep this week. But you're right, I can always sleep in the day, preferably when DM is at work (otherwise I know she naps too!)

CrohnicallyTantrumming, age 1 1/2

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