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to be terrified of the pregnancy hormones

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HuntingforBunting Sun 23-Feb-14 12:03:20

We are ttc. But I am being a bit half hearted about it which I know is silly as I do want another child. This is because I take evening primrose oil to stop me being really moody grumpy and miserable before my period, which I have recently stopped taking as your not meant to in pregnancy. To get to the point, I went really bonkers just before my period this time without it and it really reminded me of the entire 9 months last time when I really lost it a lot, and I mean a lot. I have struggle with mh issuers and have a diagnosis of ptsd, I've been in a lot of therapy and generally much healthier now but I'm so scared of tipping back into it.

Are all pregnancies different? Might I be ok? Am I being unreasonable to be really scared?

LadyGooGoo Sun 23-Feb-14 12:41:53

I remember being far more tearful and angry during my first pregnancy than any subsequent ones, but that's no guarantee for you.

I think you should see your GP as there are ADs you could take during pregnancy and knowing your options might reassure you enough that the stress you're feeling might reduce and minimise any feelings of being over-emotional.

Sorry I can't be anymore help thanks

HuntingforBunting Sun 23-Feb-14 12:46:02

That is helpful lady thank you, I'm grateful

HuntingforBunting Sun 23-Feb-14 17:48:26

Any herbal remedies effective during pregnancy?

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