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To be irritated that my son joined labour and not the lib dems

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PresidentPinkman Sun 23-Feb-14 02:25:20

Ds1 is 14 and has joined the Labour Party. He has actually gone to the youth conference in Bradford this weekend. I am so pleased he is politicly aware and has a great urgency to make a difference. However I am a annoyed that he hasn't joined the lib dems, as I'm a lifelong member. His reasons are that he thinks they are dyeing, which upsets me. It wouldn't be so bad if it was because their in the coalition, but to think that they are going to vanish soon makes me sad. Also while I prefer labour to the conservatives, I still don't they are a party worthy of his intelligence envy

Caitlin17 Sun 23-Feb-14 02:30:41

YABVU. Why should you dictate his political views.

I could go to town on how utterly pointless the Lib Dems have always been and always will be but your choice.

Incidentally what colour are they intending to dye themselves?

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 23-Feb-14 02:31:25

Good for him. I think the Labour party has budgeted up royally over the last few decades years but at least he's interested. I remember being his age (SWP) and changing a little when I realised the rhetoric and the actuality were different. FWIW the Lib Dems joining forces with Satan made me lose all respect for them.

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 23-Feb-14 02:32:23

FFS spell check, buggered is a word. Cleaning up my swearing! Grr.

NinjaCow Sun 23-Feb-14 02:34:56

Personally I don't support Lib Dems (I'm a Labour voter, but Labour are moving to the right imo, which I don't like) but even if he was going to a party I didn't support, it would still be his right to choose who to favour. You should be proud to have a son who's so involved smile

Caitlin17 Sun 23-Feb-14 02:36:12

I have always voted Labour and I more respect for Cameron and Osborne than I have for the Lib Dems.

Osborne's recent performance in relation to the Scottish independence referendum has been very impressive.

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 23-Feb-14 02:38:15

It's actually interesting that you are a lifelong member. They have changed so much. They were so far left of centre, then the coalition <shakes head sadly>. My gran used to love them but I think she would have torn up her membership if she had seen what a shower of shit they turned into recently. The tiniest sniff of power and all their high morals disappeared.

AgentZigzag Sun 23-Feb-14 02:38:32

Of course YABU.

It doesn't matter which party he supports, they're all the same!


It's good he's interested in politics, I've always thought they make the process deliberately tedious to put everyone off grin

Can I ask you what made you a life long lib dem supporter? From your interest in them as an activity POV rather than their policies. I was just wondering what it was that drew you to becoming loyal to one political party over the others. (and whether the other parties wind you up when you hear them spouting?)

I've had organisations I've been drawn to, but see the interests they stood for (NSPCC/Childline and Amnesty) as different to a political 'cause'. Maybe because I see them as needing support whereas politics will go on however many numbers of us get involved?

Ignore if it's too off topic [gin] grin

Abbierhodes Sun 23-Feb-14 02:39:29

Lib Dems screwed most of their supporters over when they joined the Tories. I can't imagine who will vote for them ever again tbh.

Anyone happy with the current government will surely vote Tory? And anyone unhappy with the current government will avoid Lib Dem, because they're part of it.

Also while I prefer labour to the conservatives, I still don't they are a party worthy of his intelligence

Well, who would you have him support? Labour are not perfect (by a long shot) but they're the only real hope of getting the Tories out. I think Labour are currently the intelligent choice actually.

PresidentPinkman Sun 23-Feb-14 02:39:36

Caitlin17, sorry dam phone I cant spell. I'm fairly use to being told that they are pointless lol, and I know how blessed I am to have a teen like this. Its more the fact that I'm reminded that the lib dems no longer have much youth support that.irritates me.

Jolleigh Sun 23-Feb-14 02:40:24

YAB -horrendously- U! Children are not clones and don't have to make the same decisions as their parents.

Incidentally, my SIL is always trying to brow beat the family into backing labour as her dad works for the party and she happens to have the same allegiance as he does. My stock answer for her is that I am not going to enter into debate about my political opinions and that I'm certainly not obliged to change my opinions to validate hers.

Caitlin17 Sun 23-Feb-14 02:43:46

Supporting the Lib Dems has always puzzled me. I can see why one would support the other mainstream parties but I've never been clear what the point of the Lib Dems is.

thecatfromjapan Sun 23-Feb-14 02:44:44

The lib dems are a party you join if you don't really want a political career. They are the equivalent of silk cut or vapeing - present political blip aside. The lib dems don't have aanifeato. They have a wish list - I wouldn't be surprised If it has glitter on it. Snd they are asickening combination of soft social policies with sharp-toothed fiscal policies - an opposition harmonised only by the complete unreality of both aspects.
Seriously, chill. I don't believe you at all, at. 14, you should be fretting as to whether his hived choices gave put h on a path to Balliol and ppe.. So wrt his joining libs: whe'evs

thecatfromjapan Sun 23-Feb-14 02:46:32

Fucking hell. ��. It is sooooooo hard posting fr a 'phone.

Caitlin17 Sun 23-Feb-14 02:46:59

Does any party have youth support in active signed up members?

Eck Salmond is hoping to win the youth vote by giving 16 year olds the vote, but from what I've heard that age group seems to be pretty pro-union.

thecatfromjapan Sun 23-Feb-14 02:51:03

Actually, I'm sorry abouty earlier posts. A more interesting question would be: why are you so disappointed? What did you hope for? Why?

AgentZigzag Sun 23-Feb-14 02:54:57

I quite enjoyed your post japancat, especially towards the end grin In the true spirit of MN I just made it up as I went along.

It's the only time on MN where you could legitimately say to the OP 'Why isn't your son spending more time on the computer/games consol? You should make him. Take his political publications off him until he does as he's told'

ravenAK Sun 23-Feb-14 02:56:23

Ah well, maybe one of mine will join the Limp Dems in ten years' time & balance yours out.

I hope not, as obviously it'd be a bit of a bind having to burn all their stuff, cut them out of all family photos & what have you...

Seriously, good for your ds for taking an interest. You should be proud smile.

Caitlin17 Sun 23-Feb-14 03:05:23

I suppose it's disappointing if a teenager rejects your core values.

My son isn't terribly political other than like
almost everyone I know (no matter who they vote for) he falls into the general being liberal with a small "l" and tolerant, pro-European, completely comfortable with homosexuality, pro-NHS, non racist and sexist and basically wouldn't it be nice if Waitrose was a political party mould.

I wouldn't be upset if he joined Labour, Conservative or Lib Dems. I'd be very upset if he joined the SNP,

PresidentPinkman Sun 23-Feb-14 03:06:35

AgentZigzag, I keep active because I always have had a political interest and I find that giving them grassroots support is the best way to stimulate this interest. I find that working to a countdown of a genral election is very fun. Also once you join a political party you are comfterble in (i.e. have friends, enjoy their events) it becomes hard to leave.
I joined in the first place because at the time(1987) I felt they were the only left wing party that could make a change (the irony).

thecatfromjapan Sun 23-Feb-14 03:11:55

Seriously- your child has adopted your deep core value of political involvement.
Seriously, you come across as inauthentic because you have missed this very obvious truth.
The urge to finish off with something flippant is strong - but I am fighting it.
And grin to agent zigzag.

Adeleh Sun 23-Feb-14 03:19:23

After betrayal by libdems of students YABU to be saddened that they have little youth support.

PresidentPinkman Sun 23-Feb-14 03:19:43

I know you are right, I'm just being ridiculous tbh. As I said its really just me feeling sorry for my party, I'm glad he is political and that he has his own opinions smile At least its conclusive that IABU. Sorry

andadietcoke Sun 23-Feb-14 03:32:20

You'll get over it, and be proud that he's taking an interest in politics and forming his own opinions at such an early age.

At a slightly later age I trotted off to Brussels to work for an EPLP MEP despite coming from a very Conservative family. Nothing terrible happened. I still talk to my parents, and we manage to have discussions without it ending in debates about affiliations and manifestos. My dad still boasts (? advanced loud parenting) about all the amazing things I got to be involved in while I was there, and all the incredible situations I found myself in on a daily basis. Because he's my dad, and he's proud of me. So yes, YABU. Just be proud.

Jux Sun 23-Feb-14 03:35:11

No matter who you vote for, the Government get in.

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