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Feeling like a taxi

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Coffeemonster1 Wed 12-Feb-14 14:32:31

Am I wrong for starting to get annoyed with this? Me and my friend always meet up, go different places, shops, toddler groups, walks ect as she has a daughter too. Even when she comes to mine I have to go get her. Now I enjoy seeing her but she doesn't drive and is on maternity leave and skint (oh spends his money on what he wants and takes hers to pay for stuff too) so when ever we go out it means I have to pick her up even if it means driving past where we are going to pick her up then back to what ever we are doing, then do the same trip back to take her home again. There is always something she needs to do on the way like going to cash point so she has money to pay etc or getting electric on her card before we get back, or dropping her at a family members instead, so I am constantly doing little trips here and there. Now she isn't the sort of person who does it intentionally to be rude or take advantage but she is generally disorganised, dosent manage her money well and relys on other people to do everything and go everywhere including her partner, mum and other family etc. She has never offered me petrol money no matter how out of my way I have gone. Not that I would take it (that's just me) but it's the principle of offering. Do you think I am being unfair here?

beccyboots Wed 12-Feb-14 14:51:52

Nope! I have a friend like that, and it annoys me too. I see her less these days, and spend more time with thoughtful people. Part of the problem is that we allow it to happen. You could mention how you feel? I haven't been brave enough to, and have withdrawn instead, because no matter how you wrap these things up, raising the issue will upset them, and make you feel like the bad guy. Good luck!

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