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To think that you don't not pass a new law just because it would be difficult to enforce?

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Dollslikeyouandme Mon 10-Feb-14 13:47:19

Sorry if this has been done, related to smoking with children in the car.

A lot of debate around this at the moment. I'm hearing a lot that there'd be no point in making it illegal as it would be difficult to police.

Surely that's not the point? And something I've never understood.

If something is against the law then at least someone can be pulled over if seen smoking, fined or whatever. It will become much more frowned upon and rightly so.

I remember being choked in the car with my dad smoking, still makes me sick thinking about it. Wish it had been against the law then.

CaptainGrinch Tue 11-Feb-14 08:58:25

If you make laws that aren't enforced, people break them because there are no consequences.

People get into the mindset that the law is an ass & can be ignored.

Maybe they step up the level of "ignoring" i.e. - "No one's ever stopped me from smoking in my car, using my phone - maybe I will have that third pint...." or "I won't need to put her in the car seat for that short journey"....

Laws need to be enforced and enforceable. I've said before, but if I was a smoker, I'd make bloody sure I had a (empty) car seat in my car at all times when I was smoking (even if I didn't have kids) just to make a point. Every time Plod pulled me over for smoking in my own car with a car seat it'd prove my point.

If they're that fussed about the evils of smoking, they'd ban it - but they get far too much income from it....

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