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To ask what naughty tricks you got up to as children

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ProudAS Wed 01-Jan-14 22:13:30

Mine generally involved putting DB up to no good - eg telling him to throw favourite toy downstairs in middle of night then wake up parents and make them look for it or sending him with silly messages.

WhenSantaGotStuckUpACunnyFunt Wed 01-Jan-14 23:28:44

I used to play with my dads model cars, I'd put Barbie in them and have her 'drive' around the living room while mum and dad were still in bed grin
I once painted some of the wooden effect sideboard blue, so my mum painted the rest of it blue and stenciled pretty patterns onto it.
I used to squeeze christmas presents to try and guess what they were blush

BlingBang Wed 01-Jan-14 23:36:27

We used to knock folks doors and run away. Get an old purse and tie some thread to it and wait till someone walked along and bent to pick it up and pull the thread. Glue money to the pavement.

We got my dolls head and lowered it down from an upstairs window while mum was washing dishes downstairs - her scream was most edifying. Used to put things on top of an open door so they would drop on folk.

feeding pepper to dsis.

bling that has made me lol. for real, i mean.

Crazyhamsterseesyou Wed 01-Jan-14 23:41:30

Hhm I used to torture my dsis , I swapped all the heads from her Barbie's with my Dbs action men she was devastated as I'd stuck them on with glue so she couldn't swap them back grin

I also used to play 'Knock a Door Run' , best done when with an unsuspecting friend so you knock and then leg it leaving them behind

afromom Wed 01-Jan-14 23:48:43

I'm not sure how my poor lovely Mum didn't have a breakdown with the tricks me and DB used to play on her. To name a few:
-Cling film on the toilet
-Bucket of water over the door
-A trip wire across the gate of my GP garden gate
-Horrid concoctions (pretending to be a cup of tea)
-Hiding in really good hiding places so she couldn't find us (at age 4 I hid in the tumble dryer for 45 minutes in the garage, she was beside herself, had to call my Dad at work and was on the verge of calling the police��)

Thank god my DS has not tried anything that horrendous with me. I apologise regularly to my DM about my behaviour as a young child. On the plus side I was a really good teenager ��

these are great ideas. am i too old to try these out on my dm now?

LaurieFairyCake Wed 01-Jan-14 23:52:17

I regularly scared my little sis so much she pissed herself - just by telling her stories

They took her to the doctor shock

foslady Wed 01-Jan-14 23:53:55

Apple pie beds......

Lairyfights Wed 01-Jan-14 23:56:50

Apparently I gave my 5 day old DB a piece of cheese (sharing is caring).

I also remember, when I was about 5, my brother had really, really pissed me off. So he came in my bedroom, annoying me, and I played dead! Just laid dead still and ignored him, I thought I was a genius - until he ran down the stairs screaming for my Dad that I was dead! My Dad then obviously freaked out, and I pretend that I'd just been asleep! DB got in a lot of trouble, and I just stayed quiet! blush

oh i used to do that and pretending to be a zombie too. very funny times. not for dsis though.

needaholidaynow Thu 02-Jan-14 00:04:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BlingBang Thu 02-Jan-14 00:05:57

God, my kids are so tame compared to what we got up to as kids and the freedoms we had - And I was more of a goody two shoes compared to some of the kids I grew up with. thankfully my kids don't have a clue!

ProudAS Thu 02-Jan-14 00:08:22

Tried to get budgie to poo in DF's tea (didn't actually do so BTW)

Finola1step Thu 02-Jan-14 00:11:16

Loads of silly stuff but I did tell a whopper of a lie about a teacher... Aged 6 I had a fight in the playground and sustained a bruise in the middle of my forehead. When I got home (was collected by big sis) mum asked me what happened. I knew I would get in serious trouble for fighting, so I lied. I told mum that my teacher told me off for talking and them threw the blackboard rubber which hit me on the head, causing the bruise!

Mum went mental. Marched me into the headteacher's office the next morning demanding an explanation. Headteacher took one look at me, asked me if I was telling the truth at which point I crumbled and confessed all. Mum was mortified and I was in big trouble for weeks.

And can you guess my job? Yes, I am a primary school teacher. Oh the shame. blush

AnitaManeater Thu 02-Jan-14 00:12:47

We used to brush the dog with mums hairbrush. He loved it and I don't think mum ever realised.

Poo sticks... Not the game that Winnie the Pooh plays. Involved chasing each other with sticks caked in cow shit

We used to like throwing stones at the bees nest and running for our lives. As seen in My Girl

afromom Thu 02-Jan-14 00:12:56

I remember my DB being obsessed with Home Alone when he was younger and trying recreate some of the tricks from that. Mum had to ban him from watching it for a few years.

I spent a lot if my childhood telling him he would end up in prison before he reached adulthood. He's actually a really sensible and loving DB as an adult now, and an amazing uncle to DS. He now passes on his naughty ideas to DS to try out! I can't wait til DB has kids!

C3P0 Thu 02-Jan-14 01:16:21

Setting all the clocks forward an hour in the middle of the night.
Putting 100g of salt in the kettle
Asking for 3 weeks pocket money every 2 weeks
Inducing terror in lil sis by chasing, but deliberately never catching her
When a very small child, being an absolutely dangerous bastard to baby sister, eg giving her sweets to see what would happen (she choked, unsurprisingly)
Generally setting lil bro up for trouble, by cunningly manipulating his lack of self control and violent temper
Unbelievably, my bro was actually more trouble than I was.

sydlexic Thu 02-Jan-14 01:25:37

Large Georgian house with huge fire place, my DB and I decided to go up the chimney to look for Santa. Someone had blocked it with an old coat, which we pulled out, the whole room was covered in soot.

Had a pillow fight with DB, the pillows burst. Thought it would be funny to stick the feathers on ourselves. There we were 2 am, stark naked except for a coating of strawberry jam and feathers doing chicken impressions.

ComposHat Thu 02-Jan-14 01:28:40

We killed a man and buried him in the woods. Told everyone the Wolves did it.

whethergirl Thu 02-Jan-14 01:44:02

I didn't like the brand new white (I know, what were they thinking) leather sofas my parents had just bought so I scribbled all over them in permanant marker and then emptied the contents of a bottle of bleach hmm all over them. I was 5.

When I was 7, my mum came into the lounge to find me lying on the sofa with a tub of painkillers littered all over me and near my mouth, and me lying in dramatic dying position with tongue sticking out, feigning suicide.

Another time my mum came into the bathroom to find me fillng up my plastic teapot with water from the toilet. Apparently me and my friend had spent all afternoon drinking it.

sparklyma Thu 02-Jan-14 01:47:16

Knocky door ginger. Hedge hopping. Prank phone calls to my friend's house and she did it back. My parents worked out it was us so we threw them of the scent by getting another friend to ring while we were both with my parents!

RockinAroundTheXmasTreeHippy Thu 02-Jan-14 02:17:52

Aww, gawd I would be here all day though I looked like butter wouldn't melt & never got caughtblush it was never at home though, DB was the trouble there, but again always got away with it & I always got the blameconfused

At about 8 I hot wired a small dumper truck that was left near building works - drove it around & accidentally crashed it into & demolished the new just built wall

Similar age or a bit older, around bonfire night built a bonfire around an abandoned car - this was close to a local scrap yard & the fire brigade were called as it exploded into a ball of flames & looked like it was going to spread.

About 11, took my pet mouse to school in a pencil case - sat very po faced & innocently working hard whilst my pencil case crawled slowly across the desk -watched by the teacher - who ran out of the room in tears & was off work for weeks - I always felt bad about that one though blush

Similar age sneaked back into school with stolen toilet rolls (the old school stuff that was like card) used it to write huge words across school playing fields, band & football names & insults to worst teachers - months of interrogation of kids & threats in assembly - they never suspected me at all though

Found mucky mags on a building site & took to drawing & engraving very detailed artwork inspired by this on school desks etc - I did get caught for this though as I was too good at art for it to be anyone else - first girl ever to get the slipper in my junior school -blush

I could go on

So glad DD doesn't take after me in this way grin

salsmum Thu 02-Jan-14 02:39:57

I raided the school fund tin when young as I was in the big,tall cupboard the teacher came in...she never saw me BUT my chubby lil fingers got caught in the tin taking the pennies out shock thankfully the teacher was stalled by my best mate and she didn't see me...with the proceeds of 'our' crime we bought 2 large bars of dark chocolate and scoffed em down...was as sick as a dog and to this day can't eat dark chocolate blush...this same friend was digging a 6ft by 9ft hole to bury her goldfish in confused and I 'accidentally' nudged her in it shock I thought it was hysterical...she didn't wink told her Dad and I was banned from her house...for a couple of weeks....41 years later we are still good friends!!!!we were both 10 then I'm allowed in her house and she is a keen gardener wink x

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