To be utterly pissed off with HoneyDragon, Sparklingbrook, usual

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Maryz Sun 10-Nov-13 23:06:57

And RowanMumsnet.

Well, am I?

ChaosTrulyReigns Sun 10-Nov-13 23:20:18

I'm far too flaky for a 1,000+ thread.

My line in the sand is about 137 posts.

Minisxule attention span.


Maryz Sun 10-Nov-13 23:21:09

Kotinka, wasn't it your thread?

I think there should be a new guideline.

When a thread is full, the op and only the op can still post on it to get the last word kill it properly

ChaosTrulyReigns Sun 10-Nov-13 23:21:13

Why would someone be crappy to SpaBro?

She's like mellow.

Sparklingbrook Sun 10-Nov-13 23:21:20

I'm ok now.

lessonsintightropes Sun 10-Nov-13 23:21:28

In that case sorry Maryz, I was too hasty grin not the first time. Sparklingbrook sounds like the good ladies of MuNuAiBu (as it's called in our household) rallied to a worthy cause.

usualsuspect Sun 10-Nov-13 23:21:44

I finally managed to get the 1000 post on a thread the other week.

Ticks it off MN to do list.

ChaosTrulyReigns Sun 10-Nov-13 23:22:05

Too many new rools, EmZed.

I've heard people are asking ofr new smileys, ffs.


kotinka Sun 10-Nov-13 23:22:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Maryz Sun 10-Nov-13 23:22:20

I don't mean killed, Pacific. I mean get the last post on a full thread.

Sadly I have normal killed a gazillion few.

HoneyDragon Sun 10-Nov-13 23:22:39

Sparks is lovely. It made someone look like a mean attention seeker.

ChaosTrulyReigns Sun 10-Nov-13 23:23:01

I would love to see usual's To Do list.

does not mention sidebollox

PacificDogwood Sun 10-Nov-13 23:23:45


I've just skimmed that thread and it Makes No Sense At All.
What/who are/is P&B? Not Mr and Mrs Terry Burtcher obv.

And I was being nice to Sparkling, NOT to MaryZ. What was mean in her OP.

kotinka Sun 10-Nov-13 23:23:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sparklingbrook Sun 10-Nov-13 23:23:56

The mean attention seeker walks among us. Somewhere.

Maryz Sun 10-Nov-13 23:24:19

Don't apologise, lessons. Please don't.

I'm sure RowanMumsnet has her beady eye on us grin

HoneyDragon Sun 10-Nov-13 23:24:41

Ahem. Can we get back to the op. I believe she'd probably not done hating me grin

<<shameless dragon>>

Maryz Sun 10-Nov-13 23:25:31

I have lots on my ToDoList.

I aren't hade sidebollocks yet, for exampe

kotinka Sun 10-Nov-13 23:25:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PacificDogwood Sun 10-Nov-13 23:26:48

Yy kotinka
I started reading it when it was still young and lost it. Too weird.
Wondered whether either I or MN were on something. Or on not enough...

HoneyDragon Sun 10-Nov-13 23:27:03

Yes Kotinka.

They are the side bollocks of shame3

Sparklingbrook Sun 10-Nov-13 23:27:40

I don't mind if Maryz is pissed off with me. I love her regardless.

Maryz Sun 10-Nov-13 23:28:26

<ignores Honey>

knowing that will piss her off more than shouting


PacificDogwood Sun 10-Nov-13 23:28:36

Why is she picking on you specifically, Sparkling? <strokes hair>

MurderOfGoths Sun 10-Nov-13 23:28:38

I was so convinced I'd got the last post on that one!

HoneyDragon Sun 10-Nov-13 23:29:10

It was just what I needed as a distraction (apart from the bits that made Sparks sad enough to turn into custard) this afternoon. I've been all sad and bereft.

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