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Honestly I think I've heard it all now..... (dog related)

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PirateJelly Thu 10-Oct-13 10:37:25

We never walk our dogs because..........

They're house dogs!

Have you ever heard such bullshit? A tiny toy dog perhaps I could understand but a springer spaniel and a Staffy (both under 2) shock

They have the house and the garden I'm told, house dogs are quite common.

Are they, are they really??

I feel so sorry for those dogs, tiny mid terrace house and garden the size of a postage stamp, honestly can't be more than 12-15ft long at most.

I feel I'm going to have to say something, even if it's just to offer to walk the dogs for them.


thebody Thu 10-Oct-13 15:49:02

why in earth have a dog then? cruel buggers but glad they are seeing the light


Like the sound of the Bob the lazy dog though, my type of animal and why I have cats.

spiderlight Thu 10-Oct-13 15:57:12

We have a springer spaniel. She's going on 13, and she still needs a good 45 minutes out a day and will happily run for a lot longer if we take her to the beach at the weekend. So unfair to have dogs and not walk them - surely that's the best bit?!

GhostsInSnow Thu 10-Oct-13 16:30:07

Thing is Thebody when I got Bob I had this romantic notion of long summer walks, running along the beach etc. What I actually got was a dog that has the expression of "and you can piss off" when he hears the word walk. blush

getdownshep Thu 10-Oct-13 17:50:08

I have Teddy the lazy dogsmile quite happy to wander around the garden,have a sniff and a wee then back on his chair.
But he still has two walks a day with my other dog who has to have at least three walks a day otherwise he is climbing the walls.
Poor dogs op, I bet your neighbours don't keep it up as the dogs are pulling due to never bloody going out!

MrsDeVere Thu 10-Oct-13 18:16:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PirateJelly Thu 10-Oct-13 18:34:37

I doubt they've seen the light tbh. I would be surprised if they get another walk tomorrow or even next week, next month sad

For what it's worth they were back 20 minutes after I saw them leave. Now I know it takes at least that long to get to the nearest field or footpath so basically they walked them round the block as they weren't gone long enough to do anything else.

DP says we are not walking them, why should we when they do nothing for us, and they would come to expect it. He has a point. They claim they have no money and are always asking for a couple of quid here or some sugar or whatever but whenever we've asked for anything they always say they're broke or have nothing. Doesn't stop them spending loads going out every weekend or gettin
high though. DP also said when he took our dog round to play once his dog tried to attack ours.

I think I'll email or phone the RSPCA for advice and perhaps mention it informally to my social worker friend as I am concerned regarding there being young children in there with two out of control, frustrated dogs. I know they let the older dc annoy the dogs as well. It's a disaster waiting to happen really.

Thanks again for all your comments smile

merrymouse Thu 10-Oct-13 18:47:08

I don't think you should walk them. You know that they haven't been properly trained. The best case scenario would be you have a very sore arm. The worst case scenario is that for some reason you can't control them and they cause an accident.

Maybe the RSPCA can't do anything, but seeking their advice won't do any harm.

Noodles123 Thu 10-Oct-13 22:46:49

What a shame for those dogs. My OH is South African and there you see a lot of dogs that never leave their home/yard. Really sad and upsets me every time but unfortunately its normal over there and a lot of those dogs are still kept more for guarding than pets. I personally have two dogs, a 9 months old who is very active and simply has to get out of the house ideally twice a day or he would be a nightmare, and an old before his time 9 year old large breed who had cancer at the end of last year. He still loves to get out and about, can't do as much as he used to as gets tired more easily and I can't lift him into the car any more, but we make sure he goes out somewhere at least every second day, even if its just to my parents place and he gets to poodle around a different garden!
It's worth trying the RSPCA I would think but SS might be more proactive sad

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