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To cancel tomorrow's dental appointment?

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Loonytoonie Thu 26-Sep-13 21:06:05

I've had a root canal filling booked for about 2 months. Got to leave work an hour earlier to get there.

I'm also driving a 4 hr journey straight after - only decided today. My Mum's sister is dying sad and this will be the last time for her to see her. Mum is to nervous driving that distance herself, so I've offered.

I assumed I'd be ok after the procedure but am starting to think that I'm assuming I won't be in too much pain.

Advice please! Anyone out there know what it's like? Should I rearrange?

Loonytoonie Thu 26-Sep-13 21:06:41

Should have added - root canal booked for tomorrow.

CailinDana Thu 26-Sep-13 21:10:57

Definitely cancel. Local anaesthetic can really knock you for 6 - I had 4 teeth out over 4 weeks. First three my mum came with me and I was fine so I told her not to bother for the 4th. I was so spaced out I barely made it home, it was awful. There's no way I could have driven.

MyLittleFinger Thu 26-Sep-13 21:14:33

After my root canal I wasn't in much pain just a bit uncomfortable, the next day was a different matter as I spent most of it in bed. That was probably because I'd had toothache for a few days and couldn't rest or sleep properly.
I've got to have the flippin' thing looked at again tomorrow grrr...

Loonytoonie Thu 26-Sep-13 21:18:49

I'm starting to think I should cancel...

sparkle12mar08 Thu 26-Sep-13 21:23:48

Given the circumstances, and if you are not in severe pain I would cancel the appointment and rebook.

I'm an extremely nervous dental patient and had to have three root canals in four months earlier this year. I was fine the next day with each of them, felt a bit battered in the mouth but perfectly fine to function, work etc. I would suggest however that if you do keep the appt, you ask for a non-adrenaline version of the anaesthetic - this changed my experience of the dentist completely. It makes it much, much easier to calm down and come round and doesn't lead to the cortisol spikes that lead to so much tiredness afterwards.

Loonytoonie Thu 26-Sep-13 21:32:37

Sparkle - I'm having a local anaesthetic. Do you still have non-adrenaline types for local?

I'm not in discomfort. The anti-biotics I had 4 weeks ago sorted that out.

What to do!

Rudejude7 Thu 26-Sep-13 21:39:53

Don't cancel! I had root canal treatment recently . Yes it wasn't my idea of fun but the dentist advised me to have 2 Neurofen an hour before I went and it really wasn't that bad! It was a bit sore an hour or so later but nothing too bad.

harriethill Thu 26-Sep-13 21:40:15

Hi Loonytonnie

It´s a tricky one...however when I had a root canal last year I had much more pain and discomfort the following day. For the rest of the day after me having it done (was early morning) I felt fine and no pain whatsoever, actually felt really proud of myself for having it done wink

I had had severe toothache before though so different to you.

Everybody is different, I personally would rather get it out of the way but if you aren`t in pain...

Good luck whatever you decide

whatastar Thu 26-Sep-13 21:55:04

i had root canal in feb, really doesnt hurt , no pain or discomfort after , never even felt i had anything done, i would just get it done and out the way,did dribble when i had a drink for a little while after thats all, good luck if you go for it .

Loonytoonie Thu 26-Sep-13 22:01:27

I think I'll go for it.
I'm a huge coward and will only go back if I'm crumbling with pain. I don't want it to get that bad.

Thanks everyone for your advice. You've all been a huge help.

sparkle12mar08 Thu 26-Sep-13 22:10:04

Yes, I've only ever had locals. We realised I had a sensitivity to adrenaline about 3 years ago, after I spent 20 mins rocking in the corner of her treatment room alternatively giggling and crying... I'd had two full phials of the normal lidacaine for a very short treatment, and on top of my normal nervousness and own adrenaline it just completely tipped me over the edge. Heart rate through the roof, alternating between euphoria and terror. It wasn't a pretty sight.

Essentially I'd spent over 20 years feeling utterly terrified and being physically sick at the dentist nearly to the point of phobia, and nobody had ever suggested an adrenaline sensitivity. Since I stopped having lidacaine and now have the non-adrenaline version, I've never had a panic attack or any other sort of fear. Oh it's uncomfortable and unpleasant, sure, but that's not the same as actually being painful and terrifying. It's the first thing I now suggest to anyone with a real terror of the dentist, because it has changed my life around.

ukatlast Fri 27-Sep-13 00:39:51

sparkle12mar08 'you ask for a non-adrenaline version of the anaesthetic' - this is not good advice. Most people do not have your reaction to local anaesthetic. There are downsides to the non-epi versions such as it wears off more quickly so you are not doing OP any favours suggesting this.

sparkle12mar08 Fri 27-Sep-13 13:01:47

Don't be so patronising ukatlast. I happen to think providing someone with alternative information that she can talk to her healthcare professional about and then make a balanced decision on the basis of that discussion, is doing her a 'favour'.

Mrsmorton Fri 27-Sep-13 14:47:54

Does OP have a history of reaction to LA containing adrenaline? I always use articaine with a 1:100k concentration of adrenaline rather than most lidocaine which has 1:80k, I have never ever come across a patient who has had a reaction to that to be honest.

The quantities are so small. Even two cartridges is less than 4.5ml at 1:80k. Unless it's injected into a blood vessel but that's a different kettle of fish and shouldn't happen in any case as it's routine to check you're not in a vessel before injecting

Loonytoonie Sun 29-Sep-13 10:23:13

I went ahead with the root canal. The whole procedure was done in one sitting. It was fine and just a little tender but paracetamol sorted that out. Still tender today but I'm delighted it's over with.

Thanks to you all for your advice.

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