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I think I probably was and now can't say sorry

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Pantone363 Thu 22-Aug-13 22:02:38

Went to Sainsburys to pick some uniform bits up.

DS was easy, girls stuff was not to my taste this year (cardis with big frill around the bottom, horrible trousers and babyish dresses)

DD picked up some trousers and said "what about these". I wasn't even thinking who was around and just glibly said "god no they're bloody ugly" blush. They were though, horrible shape and material.

But there was a woman behind me with her DD who had already placed said trousers in her trolley...her DD then says "are they ugly mummy?"....woman quite rightly gave me a mouthful and her DDs face crumpled and she starts crying that she doesn't want ugly trousers.

To my eternal shame I slunk off muttering a rather crap apology.

Was I BU saying they were ugly out loud? Friend said well if they were ugly they were ugly don't worry about it. I feel like shit remembering that little girl (a few years younger than my DD)

If you were the mum in Sainsburys in C town this afternoon I'm sorry!!

Lilacroses Fri 23-Aug-13 08:29:47

How about the other mum teaching her Dd that different people have different opinions?

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