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to wonder why it is hotter at night?

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froubylou Thu 01-Aug-13 22:21:52

Today it has been hot. About 28 degrees where I live. I am 20 weeks pg and have done 3 loads of washing, vacumed downstairs, taken DD to ride pony for a 40 minute hack, given pony a hairdo, done a bit of shopping, brought 3 loads of washing from garden, taken dog on 2 20minute walks, visited my mum, made lunch for me and DD, made tea for us all and washed pots and tidied around.

Had long maternity leggings and a strappy maternity top.

Never broke into a sweat tho I was warm.

I'm now bollock naked apart from big pants on top of the bed and I'm sweating my arse off!!! I have a glass of iced water at the side of me. All the windows are open.

Wtf is it hotter now than at 4pm when sun was out, I was dressed and had the oven on?

It's going to be a long hot sweaty night.

PersilOrAriel Fri 02-Aug-13 08:15:45

The wind generally drops at night so although the air outside is cooling down there is less wind to blow it around.

I've found it helpful to put a fan on the windowsill for an hour before I go to bed to try and draw some cooler air in. My big issue is if I go to bed and have the light on to read with the windows open then every moth/crane fly within a five mile radius come in for a party. Arghhh. So I usually shut the windows for half an hour to read but the room then heats up again. Arghhh.

And I'm not pregnant, and only did 2 loads of washing yesterday. I feel for you OP!

xylem8 Fri 02-Aug-13 08:19:28

you can buy a ceiling fan for £20 they are fab

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