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to be pissed off with my dinner guests? And DH?

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FlatsInDagenham Sat 27-Jul-13 20:13:21

Ok so we didn't pre-arrange a time, but we've been to each others houses lots of times.

Both of us have small children - between us we have 5 under 6 yo - and the general idea is that you show up around 4pm, the kids get to play for a bit, they get fed between 5-6pm, the grown ups eat at around 7-8pm, the kids keep playing until everyone is tired and the guests leave around 9-10pm. (Note, this is only at weekends when the kids can sleep in next day.)

So my friend texted this afternoon saying they were shopping in another city and what time should they come over - I replied saying anytime, but come by 6 at the latest so we can feed the kids.

They turned up at 7pm. By which time my youngest had gone beyond the need for food and was just crying constantly. Their lateness on its own I might have overlooked, but then they basically dumped all 5 kids on me (3 belonging to guests) and I was left feeding and entertaining all of them by myself in the kitchen (remember my youngest is constantly crying) while they all go off to the living room for a nice drink and chat, DH included (and everyone can hear the baby crying and demands for juice, jostling for position, cries of "I don't like...' Etc that you'd expect from a bunch of overtired overexcited under 6s)

I even came to carry their 2yo to the table from the living room and they just sat there and let me do it all. (And did I mention my youngest was crying the whole time?)

Sorry, I realise this all sounds very petty. I am now soothing my youngest to sleep (while they are all drinking and laughing downstairs) and I just needed to vent.

grobagsforever Sat 27-Jul-13 23:27:28

I am gobsmacked you allowed this to.happen. Do you have trouble sticking up for yourself?

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