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to unfriend, unfollow and generally avoid like the plague anyone who uses the word 'hollibobs'

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MmeLindor Wed 10-Jul-13 21:45:11

You have not just returned from your 'hollibobs'. You were on holiday. I can cope with 'vacation' if you are from North America.

The word 'hollibobs' has MORE LETTERS than the word that you are replacing it with.

And it makes you look dim.

Skintorama Wed 10-Jul-13 22:36:57

Me too, Hullybobs.

whois Wed 10-Jul-13 22:37:01

<applauds OP>

RainbowCake Wed 10-Jul-13 22:38:04

I don't mind Hollibobs, but Preggo, preggers and preggy give me the rage.

YoniWheretheSunDontShine Wed 10-Jul-13 22:38:21

Hollibobs sounds fun.

it sounds more fun than holidays.

I do not use the word and am not a fan of using words like this - but I must defend the use of this word in this instance.

Bluestocking Wed 10-Jul-13 22:38:39

The ikkles love Chrimbo! Me 'n' hubster try to fill it full of magic, we always do the Elf on a Shelf, the Xmas Eve hamperoony full of yummy treats, Santa's footprints in talcypoos, carrots for Rudolf ect ect.

Skintorama Wed 10-Jul-13 22:40:51

This outs me massively, but DD is often Molly Moogles Mungus Lumley Pie Schrebniak III.

The other two get similar variations.

We do like to fuck about with words in our house. It's often either surreal or just plain nonsensical.

Holibobs barely scratches the surface, tbh. There, I saidit. Out n proud grin

LaQueen Wed 10-Jul-13 22:41:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SconeRhymesWithGone Wed 10-Jul-13 22:41:59

What's a Chrimbo?

ExitPursuedByABear Wed 10-Jul-13 22:44:31

I love words of many descriptions.

LaQueen Wed 10-Jul-13 22:44:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarianForrester Wed 10-Jul-13 22:44:49

YANBU. Except that I have never heard that word before and now wish I'd be never looked.

I also detest letters telling me that the writer is on "annual leave". It's a holiday, FFS, and it makes you seem like a tosser, not more important, to call it that.

ExitPursuedByABear Wed 10-Jul-13 22:44:55

Christmas Scone.

MmeLindor Wed 10-Jul-13 22:45:23

lil man makes me stabby. As does Chrimbo

Am ok with Xmas and quite like luffly

[practices hard stare on MooncupG]

Skintorama Wed 10-Jul-13 22:49:25

Big festibum in the Winterval with pressies and stockeroonies.

When the baba Jeezelum was bornded.

MmeLindor Wed 10-Jul-13 22:50:20

[shoots Bluestocking]

It is a shame, but it was really for the best. Imagine this being passed onto the next generation.

magimedi Wed 10-Jul-13 22:51:44

Hollibobs is dire -

But Chrimbo with the 'H' is even worse than Crimbo which makes me want to push the speaker's face into the ground & then stamp on it.. HARD!

<filled with the milk-of-human-kindness, me.>

PS - Winterval wants me to reach for my Uzi!

BIWI Wed 10-Jul-13 22:52:46

Sorry grin but holibobs always makes me smile - such a silly word. And holidays are surely all about the silly?

MmeLindor Wed 10-Jul-13 22:54:17

sad I thought better of you

BIWI Wed 10-Jul-13 22:54:44


LaQueen Wed 10-Jul-13 22:56:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsEricBana Wed 10-Jul-13 22:57:40

So I did unfriend someone earlier for a child related boast too far BUT will she be able to see I have unfriended her or will I just disappear from her list of friends?

SconeRhymesWithGone Wed 10-Jul-13 22:57:42

Thanks for the explanations of Chrimbo. I am not sure I would have figured it out, even with context.

I am beginning to realize that we Americans just don't have many cute diminutive type words for things. A pity, really. All I can think of is veggies and panties.

Bluestocking Wed 10-Jul-13 22:57:47

<aggrieved expression>
I was just airing my Inner Hun. Didn't you like her?

Marshy Wed 10-Jul-13 23:10:10

Anyone remember cuntibobs from a previous thread one this topic? Now that's a word - made me laugh for weeks

MmeLindor Wed 10-Jul-13 23:13:07

Cuntibobs I can get behind.

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