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Bed time routines for 4 week old

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boardingschoolbaby Fri 21-Jun-13 11:59:55

Our first baby is now 4 weeks old, I just keep him with us downstairs on an evening. He feeds about 7, then again about 10, or 10.30. Over the last week he has had quite a bit if discomfort with his stomach.(I had very strong AB's for mastitis) so we have added a bath in before his 10pm feed to try to sooth him and he has infacol before each feed until this settles (he is ebf). Our HV and my mil both think I am wrong to keep him with us and that after his 7pm feed he should be up in his Moses basket in our room rather than with us and that this is why he is struggling to settle as he is listening to us talking or hearing the dogs move about or the tv rather than settling to sleep. I thought that there was no point trying to impose a strict routine on him so young and that if he is uncomfortable then the best place is surely with us to reassure him? Have I got this totally wrong and I am actually the cause of his upset?

mumofweeboys Fri 21-Jun-13 14:33:07

Also try taking some acidophilus bifidus tablets from holland and barrett - help counter act neg stomach affects of anti b's

MrsMook Fri 21-Jun-13 14:39:58

DS2 is 10wks and goes up to bed with me. I feed on demand, so I just go up to bed at a time that I think is the best balance of our needs. He has a feed and change when we go up and will then sleep until 4-6am. It's an arangement we seem happy with as a family, and the same that we used with his DB until he was 5 months.

I enjoy having the time with him around without a toddler distracting. He's normally feeding or asleep so doesn't intrude on our adult time.

Last night was lovely, he was snuggled in my arm until I went to bed at midnight. He then settles in his crib no problem. Happy baby, happy mummy.

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