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To not understand the point of Pintrest?

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Whitewineformeplease Mon 13-May-13 12:44:23

So I have joined Pintrest, after loads of people told me I'd love it, I'd spend hours on it, it's addictive, etc. I have an account, now what the feck do I do? Do you just look at stuff and like it? Is it the Internet equivalent of walking around a whole load of fancy shops or an expensive department store saying to yourself, ooh, that's lovely, I'd love one of those. Can someone point me in the right direction please?

chirpchirp Tue 14-May-13 22:07:10

DH is extremely grateful that we got married before I discovered Pinterest!

amandine07 Tue 14-May-13 21:27:02

I just signed up to Pinterest today and...I love it! I've created several boards already finding photos on things Iike, beautiful clothes, objects, flowers.

In the early stages of organising wedding- this website is going to be my trove of ideas, not need for expensive glossy magazines! smile

RunRabbit Tue 14-May-13 20:05:59

Damn you 'netters. Now I want to join it.
Great, one more thing for me to get obsessed with [sigh]

Lorialet Tue 14-May-13 20:04:01

I love it for storing recipes and garden ideas. I also use it for my business ~ I make jewellery so post pics and links to my latest work.

OxfordBags Tue 14-May-13 18:56:40

Yoni, you need to install the 'Pin it!' Widget onto your toolbar and then, whenever you see something you like on a website, you click that button and it gives you a choice of images from that page to choose from, you choose theone you want and it pins it to whichever board you want it to go on. V easy, honest.

YoniBottsBumgina Tue 14-May-13 17:26:29

I don't really know how to pin from other sites yet. I think that would make it more interestingfir me.

sooperdooper Tue 14-May-13 16:33:51

Decoy, it's not just other people's choices though, you add your own pins from other websites you see elsewhere and save them yourself - it's not just a case of looking at what other people have pinned smile

AvrilPoisson Tue 14-May-13 15:55:56

i agree with startail... I have saved so much money not buying magazines since I got on pinterest!

Ozziegirly Tue 14-May-13 07:04:45

We've just bought a house that needs doing up. I have minimal style so I am taking inspiration\stealing from other, more stylish people.

Startail Tue 14-May-13 01:32:24

It's great a huge free craft and interiors magazine, without the annoying ads and smug home owners with yet another kitchen extension

Decoy Tue 14-May-13 01:23:53

I don't get it either, OP.

I'd rather just do my own shopping than wade through other people's choices.

Whitewineformeplease Mon 13-May-13 23:13:22

Hmmm, thanks for the advice, seems like it just hasn't grabbed me yet. Meal ideas for babies sounds good, I have a DD who eats like a bird at the minute, so will try that. Interesting what people said about visual learners, I'm not one at all, so maybe that's why I can take it or leave it?

MammaTJ Mon 13-May-13 17:46:39

I am addicted and so is my 7 year old DD. It is one of our favourite things to do together.

AvrilPoisson Mon 13-May-13 15:05:55

I think one can have 3 secret boards on there...but tbh, as I use a 'username' not a real name, no-one knows who I am anyway (i and I do have a lot of followers, particularly for my decor and gardeningboards)
I love finding inspration on there..for decor and gardening, but also parties (possibly limtless!), food/recipes/menus, clothing/style etc.

GemmaTeller Mon 13-May-13 14:08:19

If you don't want followers or don't want people to see what you're pinning opt for the 'secret board'.

I have made a lot of recipes I've pinned, made some of the craft items I've pinned and bought some of the items I've pinned.

I also use it to promote my business and found it to be a very successful business tool.

Its just like one giant scrapbook with new ideas added all the time.

Pinspire and Picsity anyone?

chirpchirp Mon 13-May-13 13:59:46

Pinterest is wonderful, it's my true love and I will not stand to hear a bad word said about it!

I think it probably does appeal to people who are more crafty in may ways but I use it all the time. Comes in great if you are throwing a party (See my BBQ, Star Wars party, Monsters Inc Party and Disney boards) Also brilliant for getting yourself organised - since discovering Pinterest I now meal plan, have completely decluttered and manage to maintain some sort of cleanliness around my house. Also brilliant for ideas of entertaining and getting creative with the kids with tonnes of projects and tutorials of how to make moonsand, play dough and the like.

Generally if you would ever browse the internet and bookmark loads of pages with recipes, outfits, days out etc then Pinterest is what you've been looking for.

I love it and use it every day!
But then I have a lot of interests! grin

claudedebussy I think the same, I would rather it be private but then again that defeats the object in a way as its just one big cycle of pinning things from other people.
I don't want to be identified by friends and family on there as I pin things I am privately interested in. (Don't mind random people following me as I am not identifiable from my account)

The only way around it from what I can tell is what I have done:
Do not link your account to your Facebook or Twitter, sign up via your email address only
My username is literally a username, not my name like most peoples, with my account details as
first name 'keep the change'
last name'you filthy animal'
and my profile pic is just a random pic, not a photo of me.

All my friends, colleagues and family know I use Pinterest because I go on about how great it is all the time but no one I know in RL has followed me yet. So far, so good!

freddiefrog Mon 13-May-13 13:46:22

I use it a lot, as a sort of memo/notice board/shopping list

I browse women's fashion to pin ideas and styles I like and suit me and use it as a shopping list as it stops my old habit of random impulse buying

We redecorated my girls shared bedroom and I used it to pin ideas

I pin recipes, gift ideas, craft projects, all sorts

SvetlanaKirilenko Mon 13-May-13 13:32:56

YABU - and I am someone who shuns facebook/twitter and most internetty stuff (except MN of course!).

I used to print out recipes from websites and lose them etc. but now I can save them on pinterest for when I want them. Have also collected ideas for what to wear (have no style), and for redecorating the house (used to have a scrapbook but was spending a fortune on interiors mags - now I never have to buy one again!).

It is fab smile and yy to visual thinker, and yes you can create up to three secret boards where no-one can see your pins...

Katienana Mon 13-May-13 13:25:31

You can create secret boards that no one else can see.

StuntGirl Mon 13-May-13 13:09:35

It's just an online scrap book. Mine is full of things I'd like to buy for my holidays, or clothes and jewellery I like, hairstyles I like, inspiration for decorating, etc, etc.

YoniBottsBumgina Mon 13-May-13 13:09:28

I think you probably have to be a visual thinker fot it to be useful or appealing but for those who are, it's great.

claudedebussy Mon 13-May-13 13:03:00

is there anyway to make your account private though?

as soon as i'd signed up for an account i got someone following me confused

i really don't want anyone to look at what i'm pinning!

sooperdooper Mon 13-May-13 13:01:42

I use it for craft ideas, when I was planning my wedding, recipes - you can either look at what other people have posted, or add your own pins of things you find online and want to refer back to

It's a bit like bookmarking pages you want to look at again, but with the pictures so it looks nicer and it's easier to find what you're looking for

lucyt90 Mon 13-May-13 13:00:18

Tried it, don't understand it, can't see the use unfortunately.

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