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to ask for a clinical review on why my Mum isn't with us anymore?

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ambulala Sat 11-May-13 03:18:34

Probably the wrong place to post, but just wanted opinions.
My Mum was on dialysis supposedly getting better and then she died! Coroner said the dialysis was a contributing factor. Would anyone else want to know why? x

ILiveInAPineappleCoveredInSnow Sat 11-May-13 04:19:08

Yes, I would!
So sorry to hear about you losing your mum.
I think sometimes knowing what's happened can help with the grieving process as well.

LadyKinbote Sat 11-May-13 05:00:04

How awful, I'm so sorry. Yes, you should ask. You'll always wonder otherwise. Can the PALS service help?

ambulala Sat 11-May-13 05:42:42

Thanks for your opinions. Mum was cremated on Tuesday so its still early days, but I'm lost, empty and feel she should still be here x
What is PALS? x

MummaBubba123 Sat 11-May-13 05:53:46

I'm very sorry for your loss. Yes, I'd want do know.

RedHelenB Sat 11-May-13 06:16:12

Presumably she would have died without the dialysis though? I think the reason she died is because she was very ill & her kidneys weren't functioning as they should. It is very hard to accept the death of someone so close to you but in time you will remember past the illness & all the good times spent with her. My brother died in an accident & we never knew exactly what he did & why but over time I dwell less on that & more on our time together.

LadyKinbote Sat 11-May-13 08:25:34

PALS is the patient advice and liaison service. I don't have any experience of them though. It might be worth asking for this thread to be moved to Bereavement as others may have gone through a similar process. Again, so sorry for your loss. Be kind to yourself flowers

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