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to be considering egg donation

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StupidMistakes Sat 13-Apr-13 12:59:52

And ask if any of you have, what the process is and whether controlled epilepsy would prevent me?

My implant needs replacing in august and I was wondering about leaving it out and donating eggs to someone who needs them. I just wanted to know if anyone had done it and how painful it is etc and be well informed.

I know this isn't a aibu but didn't know where to post it

TheDoctrineOfSnatch Sat 13-Apr-13 14:00:46

There's a Conception board where you might find some answers and will definitely find some well informed posters. I think you need to be 35 or under.

EuroShaggleton Sat 13-Apr-13 16:19:13

I have no idea about the epilepsy but I have gone through egg collection for IVF (which is the same process you would need to go through to donate).

Basically, sometimes you take drugs to induce a sort of menopause state first. These have side effects like headaches and hot flushes. They accept some people more than others, like all side effects.

Whether you take the first lot of drugs or not, you would need to inject to stimulate your ovaries to produce lots of eggs at once. For most people this will be a bit uncomfortable. If you produce a very large number of eggs, it could be painful or damgerous (you can get something called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome).

Then your eggs are collected. Some clinics use GA for this, others use sedation. The collection is done via a needle through the vaginal wall to suction the eggs from the ovary. I had no pain afterwards, but some people do.

It's a wonderful thing to do, but not something to undertake lightly.

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