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AIBU to have given the DC leftover Domino Pizza for breakfast?

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FishfingersAreOK Sat 30-Mar-13 22:07:20

It was in the fridge from last night. 3 slices. DH was going out early so had already had his breakfast. It is the holidays. It felt like a bit of fun, you know "Hey DCs, fancy pizza for breakfast."

DH (albeit kind of jokingly) said it was a disgrace and with a head-shaking grin went out.

DCs enjoyed minuscule slice of cold pizza, then some toast.

They normally get a pretty good, well balances, mainly cooked from scratch diet.

Later on DH said he wasn't totally joking and please could we not do that again. He feels it sends the wrong message to DCs (age 4 and 6) to have leftover "treat" food like that for breakfast.

He is not normally (normally is me) now wondering if he is just having a moment. Or was IBU to give them pizza for breakfast?

Fakebook Sun 31-Mar-13 18:51:56

That's the whole point of having pizza for dinner. Cold pizza in the morning with sweet hot tea. Yummy. (That's actually made me vomit a bit due to all day morning sickness, but pre-pregnancy it was yummy).

stressyBessy22 Sun 31-Mar-13 18:57:59

Just be aware that one slice of a dominos pizza contains more than half teheir daily salt allowance and 2 teaspoons of sugar!

stressyBessy22 Sun 31-Mar-13 18:59:33

I don't think junk food for breakfast is at all good.Couldn't you have given them a small slice with some salad for their lunch if you really had to.

ScentedNappyHag Sun 31-Mar-13 19:14:26

Bleurgh, why ruin good left over pizza with salad? [bgrin]

ScentedNappyHag Sun 31-Mar-13 19:14:37

Bollocks, bunny fail!

Jomato Sun 31-Mar-13 20:37:30

Two words to rid you of your guilt at not giving proper breakfast food PIZZA-EGGS! Cut the pizza into bite size bits, mix in eggs and scramble. Clearly a proper breakfast and it tastes amazing. Want to order pizza now so I can have some tomorrow.

MooMooSkit Sun 31-Mar-13 20:46:08

YANBU and all this thread has done is make me want dominos pizza.

FishfingersAreOK Sun 31-Mar-13 20:58:32

Opps - I shall retract my passive-aggressive Ho Hum! Re-reading OP it does sound a bit...well if not necessarily bleak, certainly a bit meh. Didn't mean to drip feed though - was more expecting a few more of the "too much salt/sugar/fat/additives" flaming and was tbh a bit confused when our/my life got roasted too. DH deserved his pomposity to be teased - but (and I suppose because I know him) he didn't deserve to be tarred with the amount of "bleak kill-joy" stuff he was getting (that was me of old grin).

And again - part of my unintended mini-journey, am actually please that my reaction to his flaming was to feel all lioness-roaring-defensive - how dare the vipers of MN attack MY DH.. Again, shows me how far I/we have come.

So apologies for unintentional drip-feeding (didn't realise that this was actually about more than pizza), apologies for defensive reactions.

But not sorry for giving DCs Dominos (well apart from being pissed off at having to share it). Will I do it again?....Hmmm...not if I can help it - only because I want it all for me. Not because of anything DH says....though I may dress it up as scrambled pizza or egg on pizza.

And thank you all for helping me on my unintentional, but for me emotionally uplifting pizzagate-journey. thanks

Smellslikecatspee Sun 31-Mar-13 22:11:10

I personally have never got the whole this is breakfast food this is lunch food this is dinner food this is supper food thing.

I don't really 'do' breakfast, well I do but I have to be up and moving for an hour or so before I can eat, before that anything more than water and I puke. OH can eat a full English 2seconds after he opens his eyes.

Food is food.

Most of the world that can afford to eat breakfast have rice for breakfast.

Smellslikecatspee Sun 31-Mar-13 22:17:39

Oh and OP I get you.

OH has been depressed recently (reactive depression), was a bit of a mini arse the other day, was great because until then he didn't have the ? Strength ? To be an arse? If that makes sense.

Oh I did pull him up on it and we did have a mini argument, but the fact that he had enough in him to argue was great, I do know what you mean. Hard to explain.

SisyphusDad Sun 31-Mar-13 22:33:20

Wish mine would eat cold pizza next morning (supermarket plus my greedy extra toppings.) Would make the odd breakfast a bit easier.

Bigbadticklemonster Mon 01-Apr-13 00:30:33

Yanbu I bet your dh just wanted the left over pizza for himself

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