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to withdraw privileges for not eating dinner....?

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fizzykola Mon 04-Feb-13 18:10:18 screaming 'RIGHT THAT'S IT! NO TV OR WII TONIGHT' so loud my throat hurts.

I've only been on mumsnet a couple of weeks, but am thinking maybe IAMBU.

My kids are 3 and 4.5. Tonight, as usual, they both sat staring at their dinner (chicken fried rice, from last night's leftover roast). The 3 year old tried to get down from the table after 1 minute. The 4 year old, who is particularly bad at this, sits sucking his fingers, looking knackered and saying 'I don't like this it's yucky'.

This happens almost every night, and most lunchtimes, unless it is fish fingers or fish n chips.

I know this is pretty common, but it is SUCH an emotive issue isn't it. The 4 year old has a fast metabolism (like me), and I know if he doesn't eat regularly and a decent amount of protein his energy slumps and he flops about all over the place. He has real spikes and dips of energy.

He's tested negative for anaemia, diabetes etc, so it does just seem food related, and I try and give regular small protein snacks to keep him going - but so he definitely still has room for meals.

We've tried bribes (eat up you'll get your yogurt), ignoring, letting him go to bed hungry, involving them in the cooking process, spoon feeding (!) and nothing seems to work. Stubborn little sod.

FUCK SAKE it's SOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING. And tonight I let myself get proper angry blush.

So withdrawal of TV/WII privilege. Bad move on part? Unreasonsable as fuck?

How to keep calm? And what in all that is holy will encourage them to eat?

blondefriend Wed 06-Feb-13 21:15:25

Hyperthyroidism could definitely be it. I hope you do get some answers but, in my experience, blood sugar issues often become more stable as children get older whatever the reason so hopefully he will become more able to control it at school. If not talk to your pead about writing a care plan for the school and make sure they're trained in taking blood sugars. The school nurse can always keep some orange juice for him in emergencies. The teaching staff just need to know the symptoms they are looking for.

I will buy that book, sounds interesting thanks. Hope you get somewhere with his eating soon. TBH many 3 year olds are fussy eaters. If it's worrying you so much that you're getting stressed then just give him fish fingers and chips (it's not a bad meal really) followed by fruit and yogurt. Just let him enjoy his food for a bit and then try introducing new things again. If he's eating bigger meals, even if it's the same thing, then you can try and reduce the snacks so that his routine is more about eating meals then waiting for the next snack. Good luck. x

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