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to ask your advice on yr9 gcse options

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sausagecat Sat 26-Jan-13 18:24:07

DS has to choose his options. I am a LP and do not have anyone to discuss this with. Want to do my best/give the right guidance etc. He wants to do a degree in engineering and I don't have the experience to advise him.

He has 5 options and he wants to take Double Science, Geography, Latin and Systems. He's not sure whether to take geology or arts (he wants to do the easiest for the highest mark) hmm. The school recommend choosing at least 1 arts subject, so if he didn't pick art he would not be taking any arts subjects at all.

Also I think he may be better taking Stats and additional maths instead of systems but he is adamant he wants to do systems as he really enjoys it. Unable to do both as it clashes on the timetable. I'm thinking the stats will be more useful as he will need to do Maths at 'A" level.

Is it best to just let him decide and get on with it or I am BU to try and influence him? First post btw.

happilyconfused Sat 26-Jan-13 22:56:53

For engineering you need maths with mechanics not maths and and stats. Systems should help develop his engineering interest ESP if he only doing double science. Make sure that the sixth form he eventually goes to does the mechanics unit - no problem if he does maths and further maths though at a level

happilyconfused Sat 26-Jan-13 22:58:05

If he is a good mathematician he will find stats easy at a level esp compared with mechanics

Slipperyslopin Sat 26-Jan-13 23:00:21

DO NOT CHOOSE ART. DD chose it, and it's an unbelieveable amount of work, she was slightly behind on her sketchbook and had to spend 4 full days over the holidays trying to get up to speed. Horrific subject, thoroughly do NOT recommend it.

sausagecat Sun 27-Jan-13 09:30:09

Thank you mumsnetters, I will give DS all the information and ultimately let him decide. It is the beginning of him making life choices for himself shock.

SPG1983, I will ask DS if this is something he wants to do, and if yes, I will ask his maths teacher if this is a possibility.

I don't think he will pick art due to the amount of work. Many of you have confirmed his fear about that smile.

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