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to think work should pay me a day earlier?

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TwoFacedCows Mon 17-Dec-12 21:37:51

I am suppose to get paid on Friday, but if it is the end of the world I would like to be paid on Thursday so I can have a bloody good time before hand!

PinkFairyTaleOfNewYork Mon 17-Dec-12 21:46:49

Oh yes me to! YANBU grin

muffinino82 Mon 17-Dec-12 21:49:15

YANBU grin

VicarInaTutuDrankSantasSherry Mon 17-Dec-12 21:51:11

im paid on thursday! yay!

threepiecesuite Mon 17-Dec-12 21:51:19

Same here!

TwoFacedCows Mon 17-Dec-12 22:09:46

oh good, my first AIBU and it seems I am not! phew! grin

VivaLeBeaver Mon 17-Dec-12 22:14:10

Me too! Though pay normally goes in before midnight so you might get a couple of hours to blow it all!

wewereherefirst Mon 17-Dec-12 22:15:31

Depending on when on Friday it happens you've still got time to party like it's 1999 wink

McChristmasPants2012 Mon 17-Dec-12 22:17:08

i wish i would get paid friday instead of 24th so yanbu

TwoFacedCows Mon 17-Dec-12 23:50:12

the only problem then is IF then end of the world doesn't happen, I will be quite buggered for the rest of the month!

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