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To wonder now that Mr Tumble has a new house...

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Bobyan Mon 12-Nov-12 14:07:34

how long before it's avaliable to buy in the shops?

PenguinBear Mon 12-Nov-12 23:15:16

He has a new house?! grin

cfc Tue 13-Nov-12 04:31:37

How the fuck did that clown get a mortgage?!

ChrissasMissis Tue 13-Nov-12 05:35:47

Maybe Lord Tumble helped him out with the deposit?

OHforDUCKScake Tue 13-Nov-12 07:41:05

Mr Tumble has huge moobies shock

Bobyan Tue 13-Nov-12 18:31:59

It's very pretty, it's almost like its been designed with toy manufacturers in mind grin

PenguinBear Tue 13-Nov-12 22:32:10

Pictures? BBC i player link?

PenguinBear Tue 13-Nov-12 22:32:31

can't believe the thought of this is making me so excited grin

EugenesAxe Tue 13-Nov-12 22:44:29

Geez... poor Justin has let himself slide since the 'Lets go through the magic door!' series hasn't he?

That episode in the swimming pool really didn't do him any favours. Moobtastic.

Good new games on the website though. 'Ah! Haaaargh. You gaat me.'. That will only mean something to people who have played them.

Oodthunkit Sat 17-Nov-12 10:02:31

Does anyone know where the new house is?

Florabeebaby Sat 17-Nov-12 11:42:46

Bit of a downgrade though, no? The last one was more like a mansion, this one is a terrace!

Oodthunkit Sat 17-Nov-12 12:14:03

Was just wondering if his new house was oop north since Justin's house is at Salford!!

Bobyan Sat 17-Nov-12 13:00:31

I googled it and was disappointed

busybob Sat 17-Nov-12 13:40:22

Its filmed at quarry bank mill style not to far from manchester airport

scrumpkin Sat 17-Nov-12 13:42:33

Oooh I'm going to have to watch, I live near there....

GrandpaUpMyVacuum Sat 17-Nov-12 13:48:28

I had a dream about Justin Fletcher. It was wrong.

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