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to think I deserve more sympathy than the sodding exercise bike?

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Merida Sun 28-Oct-12 21:11:33

Last night was DS's first night in his own room. At 1am I heard him stir. Now, if I get to him quickly enough and shush him down, he doesn't properly wake (all part of a grand plan to get him to self-settle) so I flew through to his room.

Well, I wish I had literally flown through because then I may not have scudded my toe off the exercise bike which lives there as a glorified clothes horse. Foot was in absolute agony but I managed to contain myself and settle DS.

Well, I woke up this morning and said toe is black, purple and a bit wonky. Suspect it is broken but even if not, tis v sore!

How much sympathy have I had? Not one iota. Comments from my so-called friends and loved ones have included... Maybe if you used it as a bike instead of a clothes horse you'd have seen it', 'How is the bike?', 'You're meant to cycle it not kick it' and 'ha ha ha ha ha'.

I am sleep deprived, exhausted and now my toe is blimmin' killing me. AIBU to expect just a little bit more sympathy than the STOOOOPID BIKE that got in my way in the first place?

TheBigJessie Sun 28-Oct-12 21:17:01

Can I be the first to say, "go to a doctor"?

I'm really sorry your foot hurts- I cleaned the kitchen floor earlier this year. An hour later I slipped over on the floor, skidded across, and didn't stop until my foot went into the cupboard. It hurt for days.

Mia4 Sun 28-Oct-12 23:08:06

Go to a doctor, sounds very painful and you need it looked at.

YANBU to be annoyed but I doubt people know how hurt you actually are tbh, they probably think you just slightly stubbed and are whinging o they'll tease. Doubt they'll do the same if they see it or learn it's broken.

When my best friend had a really bad stomach ache and begged off a night out she got a lot of teasing jibes, mainly about 'being the last to pass up the opportunity' and 'wussing out' despite me living with her and seeing how ill she was AND making that clear on FB. A day later and she got plenty of actual sympathy and apologies from the same people after we rushed her to hospital to have her appendix removed.

People tend to think others are exaggerating, mainly because most people do especially over injuries or illness. And if someone said to you what happened in a lot less detail 'I bloody smashed my toe on the exercise bike' then it may sound funny, especially if you think it's just a slight stubbing and the bikes been used as an airer.

It probably sounds hilarious to hear 'I flipped off a bed and landed in a pile'- i mean how many people laugh at it on stuff like You've been framed?- but the truth of 'onto a hard stone floor and ending with a cracked tailbone doesn't sound so funny.

Sharptic Sun 28-Oct-12 23:23:20

Does sound like u need a check up on the wonky toe.

And yes, you deserve sympathy.

When I was night feeding newborn DS, he needed changing so I went across the landing to get a nappy out of the cupboard when a tin of paint dropped out onto my toe, not til the next day did I notice the drops of blood on the carpet and inability to put my shoe on! Ouch,

Was still bloody shuffling from having an episiotomy too!

Please go and get your toe seen to, I can understand your sleep deprived but you're not over reacting!

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