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To keep children off school today

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helsbels03 Mon 22-Oct-12 07:40:53

At 3.30 ds (18mth) woke up dd1 (6yrs) who then threw an absolute fit and woke dd2 (4yrs). So now everyone had been awake since at least 4am. I want to keep dd's off school( y1 and Rec) for the day and get some rest, but dh is demanding they both go to school and swimming lessons after school. He also thinks dd1 should be punished for having a strop in the night. I want to forget the whole thing but am so tired I can't think straight- regularly up at 4 with ds.

Opinions (and solutions ) welcome

JellyMould Mon 22-Oct-12 07:43:22

I'd send them in - get them out of your hair. Maybe skip swimming though.

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 22-Oct-12 07:44:10

I think I'd send them in, and early nights all round. Once they are at school, it's a bit more peace and quiet for you! Evaluate swimming lessons at the time.

dexter73 Mon 22-Oct-12 07:44:39

I think I would send them in. DD1 might get the idea that waking in the night=day off school!

helsbels03 Mon 22-Oct-12 07:47:32

Thanks, dd1 was in tears when I suggested she stay if school- today is guided reading day and Irish dancing

UsingAPsuedonym Mon 22-Oct-12 07:50:43 an early rising family here too! My daughters are younger so may not be as relevant but I've taken my older one in and just warned the teacher about tiredness saying I'll pick up if necessary. I'd probably say they couldn't go swimming as a. 'natural consequence' of being too tired as they will be after school.

I also wouldn't punish for a strop as much as I'd feel like it. Sometimes they are confused when they wake up at night. My daughter only does it rarely but she becomes inconsolable. I think they need comfort and reassurance and then in daylight reminding about importance of being quiet as not to wake others etc. It takes a lot of repetition but I think punishing could backfire and make her more grumpy next time she wakes. However missing swimming as it wouldn't be safe to swim tired and an early night could be explained as a result of not enough sleep without getting angry?

I don't think it's a good enough reason to keep off and gives them the wrong message.

Sirzy Mon 22-Oct-12 07:52:43

Send them in, otherwise everytime they are woken up by their brother they will expect a day off.

regnamechange Mon 22-Oct-12 07:56:37

Send them!

blackeyedsusan Mon 22-Oct-12 07:56:37

have a little word to the teachers when you send them in.

exoticfruits Mon 22-Oct-12 07:57:22

Since she is in tears at the thought of staying off it makes it simple- send them!

exoticfruits Mon 22-Oct-12 07:57:50

Mention to the teacher that she might be tired.

diddl Mon 22-Oct-12 07:58:47

I also send them in.

Is the 6yr old a light sleeper?

Or the 18monther particularly noisy?

If the 6yr old hadn´t stropped, she might have been able to get back to sleep!

mutny Mon 22-Oct-12 08:02:17

Yabu to keep them off.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 22-Oct-12 08:02:36

Send them in, but I woukdn't punish. DS is in reception and if he wakes in the night he is often disoriented.

helsbels03 Mon 22-Oct-12 08:04:36

Dd1 is very tuned in to her brother, he only has to make a small noise and she hears him. She is not a good sleeper herself and has only recently slept through herself. Will send them in but still not sure about swimming

storminabuttercup Mon 22-Oct-12 08:04:56

Send them in, come home, snuggle with the 18mo and get some sleep smile

MamaChocoholic Mon 22-Oct-12 08:13:21

send them in, see how they are at the end of the day and decide re swimming then. 5am starts are typical here. sometimes ds1 (in reception) will have a "lie in" till 6, sometimes he is, unfortunately, waken by dd or ds2 at night. he goes to school whatever, and would hate to miss it.

is a middle of the night strop typical?

Pourquoimoi Mon 22-Oct-12 08:17:18

Yep, send them in. They are tired, not ill.

MissPants Mon 22-Oct-12 08:21:53

I was about to do the opposite this morning, everyone dressed and ready for the school bus when something told me to check the holiday dates online. They go back next Monday blush

Kids are cock a hoop anyway! I'm hoping the excitement of finding they have an extra week makes them forget I woke them unnecessarily early this morning grin

mrsfuzzy Mon 22-Oct-12 09:25:12

as a matter of interest did dh get up to help with the kids or did he stay in bed complainig about everything? moaning about it isn't going to make any difference and punishing the child for a strop seems a bit hard send them in to school get a rest today, and skip swimming for once, it's hardly mandatory that you go, if dh makes a fuss then maybe he needs to be dealt with too for actting abit childish himself, good luck with your day.

helsbels03 Mon 22-Oct-12 11:11:30

Thanks all,
Girls at school, ds in bed- sofa and a cuppa for me. And no if course dh didn't get up!!! But that us another story...

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