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To be pissed off at all the upselling instructions obviously being given out to staff to try to get us to spend more than we need to

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WorriedBetty Sat 20-Oct-12 04:34:12

So much 'is that a large one' (Wetherspoons) or 'would you like a drink with your meal' (everywhere) or 'curly fries for an extra 50p yes?' or 'any cakes or pastries?' ) nero's/starbucks etc.

I espcially hate the pretend mishearing:
'A small coffee please' 'Large coffee?' No small one please 'is that a large coffee today' 'NO ITS A FUCKING SMALL COFFEE AND IN A MINUTE I AM WALKING OUT' 'mug or a cup for your small coffee madam?' 'If its in mug is it a large coffee?' 'Yes..any cakes or pastries today?' 'No, just a small coffee.. in a cup please'. angry

moondog Thu 13-Dec-12 15:27:44

On that note, have decided never to buy wine in Majestic again as they hassle you for your bloody address every time.

Pandemoniaa Thu 13-Dec-12 15:27:56

Now if you want to get enraged about people, I'd go for the arsehole who bumped the thread in a blatant attempt to get material for a television show. Yes, that's you, Alex Duncan.

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