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No compromise on rules?

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Snowwhite22 Sun 07-Oct-12 10:07:10

I have 3 dc aged 5 and under. When I say it's bedtime I mean it's BEDTIME. I may change the time they go to bed depending on when they are tired but once i say its time to go then no amount of moaning will make me change my mind. What rule do you not ever compromise on?

JeezyOrangePips Sun 07-Oct-12 10:09:59

I was exactly the same with bedtime. Bedtime was for my benefit - I get grumpy when I'm tired and needed time to wind down.

Goldmandra Sun 07-Oct-12 10:13:54

I will compromise on any rule if there is a good enough reason.

My DDs know that they can put their argument to me and I will listen but it's rare that I change my mind. For that reason they don't usually bother.

If you have as few rules as possible you don't need to compromise on them often which means the children feel secure because they know where they stand.

One thing I always come down on hard is asking one parent when the other has already said no. That is a big bugbear of mine and when I see friends' children do it I find it very hard to bite my tongue. Mine are always worse off for trying that one so they learned very quickly not to do it.

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