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To think The Sun are cashing in on teenage girls?

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BellaOfTheBalls Fri 28-Sep-12 23:25:09

Just when I thought they couldn't get any worse. I've just seen this advertised on TV and couldn't quite believe it.

Collect 5 tokens from The Sun, send them in with £9.50 and you might WIN tickets to an "exclusive" One Direction gig.

AIBU to think this is completely cashing in on obsessive adoring teenage fans, who given their target audience are probably mostly girls under the age of 16?

WorraLiberty Fri 28-Sep-12 23:26:55


One direction has many fans over the age of 16 and they're not all female either confused

Even if they were, why shouldn't they run this promotion?

RobynRidingHood Fri 28-Sep-12 23:28:25

Most of the One Direction fans I know are over 40 confused

THEMardy Fri 28-Sep-12 23:29:53

YANBU. £9.50 for a ticket lottery is a lot for some.

FizzyLaces Fri 28-Sep-12 23:31:45

My eldest dd has gone off them and now wants to sell her Glasgow and London tix...

BellaOfTheBalls Fri 28-Sep-12 23:33:57

I've always thought they were a teenybopper boy band. Perhaps I am mistaken!

It just seems like a licence to print money. If you got a text to your phone or similar that said "send us £10 and you could win tickets to see One Direction" you'd think it was a scam, but because its The Sun it's OK?

WorraLiberty Fri 28-Sep-12 23:34:23

It's not a ticket lottery TheMardy I've just Googled and you only send the money if you've been chosen to receive the tickets.

I think it's bloody good considering most tickets will be snapped up by ticket touts

WorraLiberty Fri 28-Sep-12 23:34:57

Bella read the link

BellaOfTheBalls Fri 28-Sep-12 23:36:48

See on the advert it looks like you send your £9.50 THEN they do the draw, that's why I was cross.

THEMardy Fri 28-Sep-12 23:37:43

That's not what the Op implied worra and certainly couldnt arsed to google. So the aibu isn't as stated.

WorraLiberty Fri 28-Sep-12 23:38:09

It's no different to the £9.50 holiday don't part with any cash unless your tokens have been accepted and you have a holiday.

THEMardy Fri 28-Sep-12 23:38:34

<loses interest>

WorraLiberty Fri 28-Sep-12 23:39:00

That's what I'm saying Mardy, I think the OP was confused.

THEMardy Fri 28-Sep-12 23:40:25

Got you worra wink

BellaOfTheBalls Fri 28-Sep-12 23:42:03

Yes I was confused! It's late (for me), I was MN'ing anyway and had one of those "of course IANBU and surely all of MN must agree with me" moments. And forgot to google.

I now feel like BellEndOfTheBalls

WorraLiberty Fri 28-Sep-12 23:42:15

Thank fuck someone does...I'm totally confused myself and it's got nowt to do with cough how much wine I've consumed blush

WorraLiberty Fri 28-Sep-12 23:42:49

Bella grin grin

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