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To ask after cheeky pickle on AIBU?

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BlackholesAndRevelations Wed 12-Sep-12 22:08:53

sorry- I know I'm being U and will annoy some posters but as she often posted here before returning to work, just thought I'd come here to see how it was going back at work.

So- how's it going? Hope you're doing ok!

bamboostalks Wed 12-Sep-12 22:10:57

Wasn't it cheesy pickle? I am interested too. Her posts were plentiful.

BlackholesAndRevelations Wed 12-Sep-12 22:20:59

Haha! No I'm pretty sure it was cheeky. Her posts were indeed plentiful and are now no more (unless I've missed some?) hence the slight concern!

SoleSource Wed 12-Sep-12 22:23:22

cheekypickle yoooohoo! Hows you?

whois Thu 13-Sep-12 08:08:38

Yes you are U... Can't you just send her a PM?

The posts were boring, repetitive and had no place in AIBU. She would be better placed getting some RL help rather than posting repeatedly about her plentiful mental health and relationship issues.

valiumredhead Thu 13-Sep-12 08:18:31

I wondered yesterday how she was getting on but resisted the urge to post as I feared the exact response whois gave.

cheekypickle Thu 13-Sep-12 11:01:07

Hey guys,

I'll keep it brief!

Work wasn't too bad! Very nervous on the first morning but that soon passed and I've been getting on well. Working only mon,tues and weds is really good because I get to spend time with DD doing fun things

Thanks for your thoughts! X

cheekypickle Thu 13-Sep-12 11:01:52

Oh and lots of people said get off mumsnet so that's what I'm trying to do

valiumredhead Thu 13-Sep-12 11:10:05

Well done cheeky! smile

SoleSource Thu 13-Sep-12 13:25:58

That is great news cheeky! We're all pleased for you and here if you need us! X

whois grow up.

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