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To wonder if anyone has argued with a member of the Royal Family

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enimmead Sun 03-Jun-12 14:33:52

Just watching Kate and William all chatting nicely. Suddenly it occurred to me - she will never have another argument or anyone disagreeing with her, telling her she can't do something again. The only people who can do that are members of the Royal Family and I suppose high ranking Palace officials.

Of course people can disagree with what she says but not to her face.

I wonder how that shapes you as a person. Everyone will be civil to her from now one. Everyone is civil to members of the Royal Family because of who they are. I wonder how many of them have had to defend an argument.

<wonders if members of the Royal family spend time anonymously online on forums. Is Kate on Mumsnet getting advice for the future?>

Treblesallround Sun 03-Jun-12 14:35:49

If Kate's on Mumsnet she'll get told to fuck off at some point smile

TartyMcFarty Sun 03-Jun-12 14:38:44

I have, age 14 on a drenched DofE anniversary weekend. I told Prince Edward that it wasn't good enough that just because it had rained the whole time, the only activity on offer was beach football for the boys. Told him in my best juvenile style that they were a bunch of sexist pigs and I wouldn't be coming back. He didn't have much to say to that grin

enimmead Sun 03-Jun-12 14:38:47

A part of me just hopes Prince Phillip is online somewhere spouting off his opinions.

It must be so hard keeping your opinions to yourself - which they have to. Well, one of them doesn't.

<Goes and checks Green forums to identify Prince Charles>

FreeBirdsFlying Sun 03-Jun-12 14:39:05

I did have a row with someone who thought they were a fucking princess once. Her precious mini princess was a thug who hit and kicked other children.

LoopyLoopsCorgiPoops Sun 03-Jun-12 14:41:21

Fairly sure Al-Fayed has.

MardyBratannia Sun 03-Jun-12 14:45:05

<gets pompoms out and applauds Farty>

MardyBratannia Sun 03-Jun-12 14:45:26

Sorry I meant Tarty.

TartyMcFarty Sun 03-Jun-12 14:49:26

Farty or Tarty; I'll answer to either.

Pandemoniaa Sun 03-Jun-12 14:59:42

My mother had at least one argument with Princess Margaret.

enimmead Sun 03-Jun-12 15:03:57

I was on a plane with Princess Margaret. Monarch airlines to Turkey. We had to wait before take off because she was late. She sat in the row in front of me.
A bodyguard sat next to me.

Ideal world - why do we have to wait for you, what makes you so special?

Real world - sits back and notices she reads the Daily Mail.

At least she didn't start smoking.

Pandemoniaa Sun 03-Jun-12 15:06:46

Rude and unreasonably entitled. That was my mother's opinion of Princess Margaret.

FlippinCheekOfIt Sun 03-Jun-12 15:08:27

I got narked at Princess Anne once and had to elbow her out of the way blush. But then what sort of muppet stands for a photo shoot at the bottom of a busy escalator? Admittedly, I didn't realise who it was until I was wrestled to the ground by special branch walking away.

FallenCaryatid Sun 03-Jun-12 15:11:07

No, but I did have a stand up argument with the prime minister of Malta when I was 12.
And he was on a big white horse at the time with body guards and other staff.
Arrogant sod he was. grin

FallenCaryatid Sun 03-Jun-12 15:12:14

The bodyguards had their own horses, it wasn't some weird Widdacombe fair scenario.

enimmead Sun 03-Jun-12 15:15:56

I just think that no one ever arguing or disagreeing with you is not good for you. You get a massive sense of entitlement.

On the other hand. you are not supposed to express your opinion. You just have to go round smiling nicely, shaking hands and pretending to be interested.

DukeHumfrey Sun 03-Jun-12 15:17:50

I bet they argue at home, like anybody else.

rubycon Sun 03-Jun-12 15:18:51

way back at the silver celebrations, my next door neighbours daughter was mixed up in the crowd during a Royal visit. Prince Phillip asked her if she'd been waiting long - she told him she was only stood at the bustop for a bus home..... she had no clue who he was!

KitchenandJumble Sun 03-Jun-12 15:39:08

I would say that belonging to the royal family is the very definition of entitlement. smile

It must be such an odd, unreal existence. They probably all genuinely believe they are massively brilliant and witty, since everyone hangs on their every word and laughs uproariously at any mild attempt at humour.

edam Sun 03-Jun-12 16:03:12

Dunno about the rest of them but Charles is certainly surrounded by a bunch of sycophants who wouldn't dream of telling him an idea was stupid. Must warp your perspective if everyone treats every passing remark that falls from your lips as if was a pearl beyond price. And at least some of the people who surround him expect, in turn, everyone else to treat them as jolly important - doesn't enter their heads that you might not be that bothered.

There were some shenanigans at one of his charities - a fraudster had stolen all the money (and went to prison for it) and Charles's lot were quite prepared to let suppliers go to the wall. Small businesses where a few dozen people would have been out of work if they had folded. Multiply that by every supplier. I was shocked at how careless they were - the fate of suppliers and their employees just didn't figure at all. Thankfully one decent person insisted that at least some of the money they got together from trustees (i.e. rich people who like hanging around royalty) had to go towards paying off suppliers.

carabos Sun 03-Jun-12 16:48:11

I've never argued with an actual Royal, but I have argued with a lady-in-waiting, who for some reason had lied to my face about something so trivial it was quite astonishing. She also stopped speaking in the middle of the argument to stand to attention as the national anthem had struck up. It was a very odd experience.

Frakiosaurus Sun 03-Jun-12 16:54:46

I have accidentally told an actual royal they came across as really boring.

MNHubbie Sun 03-Jun-12 17:49:51

My father has. He was a senior Naval Civil Servant with a rank equivalent to a senior Captain at the time (he had equivalency with a mid level Admiral when he retired). In the Officers mess a Lieutenant crashed into his chair and didn't follow proper etiquette even when my father's rank was pointed out (he was second in command of the base, second only to the naval Admiral). My dad made appropriate noises at the time but held his peace as was only polite. The next day however he hauled Lieutenant Windsor over the coals in his office and apparently spent quite some time outlining how one should comport oneself etc.

The next day the Lieutenant returned in a different outfit as Prince Andrew on an "Snap inspection" of the base only to be greeted by my Dad's second in command who apologised for my father's absence but had instead a message for him... My dad has never told me the message because as a Royalist it embarrasses him and as a Republican he knows I'd enjoy it too much.

theonewiththenoisychild Sun 03-Jun-12 17:50:14

Im sure diana had a lot of rows with them as she wasnt one to just go along with everything was she now? grin

fuckarama Sun 03-Jun-12 17:54:20

I know someone who was asked out by a royal. But turned him down.

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