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To want a water bottle that doesn't leak?

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RollerCola Sat 28-Jan-12 13:48:56

My dcs take a water bottle with them to school which they keep to hand throughout the day.

The school provides the bottles which cost £1 but they're rubbish. The seals always leak and if they put them in their bags they end up with wet books. We've actually had a letter home asking us not to put them in school bags because they leak.

Dd even said yesterday that she hadn't drunk much as the bottle even leaked as she was trying to drink out of it.

They can use their own bottles as long as they are clear so I've tried using just the plain evian or whatever water bottles with a screw top but ds can't manage the screw top and they're a bit too diddly.

Can anyone recommend a clear water bottle that can stand up to bouncing about in a book bag without leaking, that has an easy to use lid for a 5 yr old?

Tiredmumno1 Sat 28-Jan-12 13:50:05

Have you tried one with the sports cap?

RollerCola Sat 28-Jan-12 13:50:16

They're too fiddly, not diddly wink

RollerCola Sat 28-Jan-12 13:51:36

Are they the ones with a built in straw?

RollerCola Sat 28-Jan-12 13:53:56

Oh sorry you mean those just with a pop-up bit? Yes I have tried those but they leaked too , prob because they didn't close them properly or maybe I just used cheap ones.

littlemissnormal Sat 28-Jan-12 14:06:19

Having exactly the same problem, and have resorted to supplying DD with cartons of juice to drink at school. Obv an expensive option so am also interested in a solution!

keepingupwiththejoneses Sat 28-Jan-12 14:40:37

Why do they have to be clear. You just can not but a decent water bottle that is clear. DS uses a metal sports bottle which is fab. You could try JJB or similar as they sell lot of different types.

keepingupwiththejoneses Sat 28-Jan-12 14:45:05

Would this be any good.
Or this
Or this
In fact ignore the first sentence of my last post.

ilovedjasondonovan Sat 28-Jan-12 14:46:31

Clear, because they probably only want them to take water in, not squash.

We're only supposed to take water in, but we don't have to have clear bottles, so I pop a bit of squash in it and tell DD to keep quiet.

RollerCola Sat 28-Jan-12 14:58:31

Yes presumably so they can check they're only drinking water and not juice. I've got one of those runners bottles and that leaks too angry

The adidas one might be ok.

Haberdashery Sat 28-Jan-12 15:13:54

Sistema bottles are brilliant - leak proof and v easy to open and close. You can see through to the liquid inside but they are quite brightly coloured so might not be suitable - would definitely be able to detect juice but possibly not weak squash that wasn't highly coloured.

travailtotravel Sat 28-Jan-12 15:32:07

I use a small camelback to keep water on my desk and i don't want anything that leaks all over my papers ... Its got a flip up "suck" cap like a sportscap. So long as you keep it upright its ok otherwise the only reason it will leak is having water left in the sucky tube.
The only downside is they're not the cheapest ...

Here they are on Amazon -

RollerCola Sat 28-Jan-12 16:01:39

haberdashery I've just realised I've got Sistema lunch boxes for the kids and they're pretty good too. I think I got them from wilkos so I'll have a look for the bottles too. Thanks smile

slartybartfast Sat 28-Jan-12 16:05:10

i buy flavoured water and reuse the bottles, from tesco, quite small bottles but fairly leak proof

BoysAreLikeDogs Sat 28-Jan-12 16:08:06

these bottles are the dog's bollocks the top is either on or it's off, it has a bung not a flip or screw or tab, totally brilliant

honestly, no more wet bags I promise

carrotsandcelery Sat 28-Jan-12 16:10:04

The sistema ones don't leak and are bpa free too. They are coloured but clear iykwim so you can see the fluid in there but not the exact colour. I don't know if that would be acceptable or not. these ones

They are easy to open and shut too.

BoysAreLikeDogs Sat 28-Jan-12 16:12:14

ah now those sytema ones; my kids unscrew the top not screw up the spout, the twits

carrotsandcelery Sat 28-Jan-12 16:26:05

Ah, maybe not so good then Boys. grin

kiki22 Sat 28-Jan-12 16:55:13

What about an empty lucozade sport bottle? they just have a flip for the lid put have the little plastic bit so the liquid only comes out if you suck on it, i'm taking one in my hospital bag filled with water to drink lying down have tested it (so it doesn't spill over my face hehe) and it doesn't leak and doesn't come out even if you sqeeze it hard have to actually suck.

PatriciaHolm Sat 28-Jan-12 18:58:50

Another vote for Camelbaks here; they are the only ones I've found in 2.5 years of primary that don't leak!

TubbyDuffs Sat 28-Jan-12 19:06:53

Third vote here for Camelbaks - I have got through loads of bottles with my boys and this is the first one that seems to be leak-proof.

louisea Sun 29-Jan-12 00:19:19

These are the best I've ever used.

jojane Sun 29-Jan-12 01:19:22

Mine have clear blue/pink bottles with a flip lid with a pop up rubber straw. Havnt leaked yet and are easy for 3 and 5 year olds to open. Got them from avon

startail Sun 29-Jan-12 01:29:32

Lucozade and poweraid bottles aren't bad. But the main trick is to ditch book bags and get proper ruck sacks with outside pockets that keep the stupid things upright.
Sods law states that any drinks bottle inside a bag of books or PE kit you need to wear will leak sooner or later. Any bottle, however tatty, in an outside pocket won't!

iscream Sun 29-Jan-12 02:02:17

We use backpacks with exterior bottle holders.

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