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to point out that people have been moaning about mumsnet "not being what it was" for years...

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BeyondLimitsOfTheLivingDead Sat 22-Oct-11 12:49:08

Reading an old thread that was linked to in another and found this comment that made me laugh...

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 16-Jul-07 18:57:55
Crikey. This thread is everything about Mumsnet that has been dull, predictable and shite recently.
Some really awful stuff on here. Agree with custy et al.

CuntryManner Sat 22-Oct-11 12:52:31

I wonder if it's ever been "good" considering the amount of people who moan about terrible it is compared to what it "used to be".

Kayano Sat 22-Oct-11 12:55:14

There are a lot more people actively looking to upset people or actually shout you down should you have a different opinion...

But that's part of what makes it MN and I can't stay away grin

MumblingAndBloodyRagDoll Sat 22-Oct-11 12:58:12

I suppose it was once much smaller and more intimate. Some people..nt many, seem to remember that.

BeyondLimitsOfTheLivingDead Sat 22-Oct-11 12:58:21

I havent been here as long as some, but its well over two years now. And it honestly doesnt seem any different to the day I joined!

ladyintheradiator Sat 22-Oct-11 13:00:36

I was reading a thread from 2005 a few days ago and people were saying it then too. I do think it's different now to when I joined but I used the site differently then anyway, people leave, join, whatever who cares, I like it <gavel>

scarevola Sat 22-Oct-11 13:02:09

Well, the solution is at everyone's own fingertips.

Start the threads you want to see, and post in the style you like to read.

Itsjustafleshwound Sat 22-Oct-11 13:09:13

I know that forums do change - it is the nature of them!

I just SOMETIMES miss the MN on old, but onwards and upwards ...

AnyPhantomFucker Sat 22-Oct-11 13:10:47

Actually, I was going to say MN isn't like it was yesterday

WhereTheWildThingsWere Sat 22-Oct-11 13:12:13

God I miss Vicki.

But, yes, certainly in all the time I have been here, there has been constant threads about it 'not being like it used to'.

I imagine they started, oooooooh about 6 weeks after it's creation.

But then again, it's not is it, it's changed an awful lot in just the last three and a half years.

NearlyMrsCustardsHardHat Sat 22-Oct-11 13:13:05

But surely the point of these forums is that they change?

SixStringWidow Sat 22-Oct-11 13:13:51

I've just joined, and like any sensible person did a bit of research to establish the tone of the place.

I like it.

But looking at the 1361 pages of AIBU topics I came across this from 2007

HeartOnMyGreensleeve Wed 14-Feb-07 22:44:49
I'm getting pretty hacked off with the whole thing. Everything around here seems to be miserable and vicious at the moment. I suppose I need a "break", but I am too sad and undisciplined to stay away [sigh of despondency]

So, BeyondLimits YANBU smile

I also think that AIBU was "born" in 2007 because nothing is previous to that and the first few pages mention people "not liking this new topic"

My conclusion. People will always moan about stuff, but I believe it is what you make it.

Anniegetyourgun Sat 22-Oct-11 13:16:39

Of course it isn't the same. It evolves organically, like the human race itself. Or mould.

SixStringWidow Sat 22-Oct-11 13:17:14

But may I say, not in a provocative way, that all these comments about MN not being the same does rather make a new person like me feel a little intimidated.

But then I also believe that it's up to me to get involved, I don't expect a welcome party. I suppose people have to prove that they are worthy of being noticed in a space as big as this.

If at first you don't succeed and all that...

CuntryManner Sat 22-Oct-11 13:19:33

Six, you'll make newbie error, start a silly thread in AIBU, be flamed and name change, so don't worry smile

AnyPhantomFucker Sat 22-Oct-11 13:20:17

SSW what you need to do to get noticed is to post in AIBU, something along the lines of "AIBU to think you are all ignorant bullying bitches who should take me very seriously indeed"

Try that wink

btw, people really have done that

it didn't end well

Itsjustafleshwound Sat 22-Oct-11 13:22:36

It is just sad when long time posters say goodbye because they have had to defend and explain themselves once again to a braying mob or defend themselves against insensitive, rude and personal attacks.

AIBU is the devil's work ...

SixStringWidow Sat 22-Oct-11 13:24:45

I started a thread in AIBU last night, only got a few responses. I was gutted!

I'm far too reasonable to be unreasonable smile

SixStringWidow Sat 22-Oct-11 13:25:36

the devils work? I thought that was facebook {wink}

AnyPhantomFucker Sat 22-Oct-11 13:26:29

you need [ these ] brackets for a smilie

Itsjustafleshwound Sat 22-Oct-11 13:27:47

What's that grin??

SixStringWidow Sat 22-Oct-11 13:28:01


got ya!

Tortington Sun 23-Oct-11 02:17:15

CRIKEY indeed vvq agreed with me...and i had an et al!!

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