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I think I may be being a bit silly but I cant help it. I want to go away for a weekend but would feel terrible putting my dog into the kennels.

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loopylou6 Tue 18-Oct-11 13:46:41

I've had him since he was 4 weeks old (hes nearly 3) and hes never been away from us at all.

Thing is we'd love a weekend away but I couldn't imagine taking him and leaving him in a strange place and him thinking that we're never coming back sad
I'm aware I sound ridiculous and feel free to tell me so.

I can't even leave him with family coz he's a very large dog and they wouldn't cope with him.

Suggestions? smile

TestAnswers Tue 18-Oct-11 13:49:38

House sitter or home away from home type place (there is a place near us that has the dogs in their home with them -max four at a time)?

If you go to the local vets there are often house-sitters/dog walkers/small 'kennels' that advertise on the noticeboard.

belindarose Tue 18-Oct-11 13:50:31

We're going away next week and our puppy class trainer is having ours. Anything like this an option for you?

whattheactualjeff Tue 18-Oct-11 13:50:46

I have a friend who would pet sit between acting jobs, in the persons house, staying over if necessary. I'm sure your dog will think you've just gone to the shops tbh, if you had someone round like that. smile As an aside the friend is now famous shock!

MarginallyNarkyPuffin Tue 18-Oct-11 13:53:00

Take him with you? Loads of places accept dogs, from nice hotels to cottages in the countryside.

Angeliz Tue 18-Oct-11 13:55:05

Don't know where you live but when we ahd our family dog, we used a company called 'Barking Mad' . They house the dog with an appropraite family,adult. Our dog was placed with this old lady who lived alone and seh adored him.
It's very expensive though.... I'm sure such companies must exist all over?

MarginallyNarkyPuffin Tue 18-Oct-11 13:57:39

Nice Hotels

loopylou6 Tue 18-Oct-11 13:59:57

Hmm thanks guys good ideas here, I could maybe get some friends who he likes to come round for feeds/play/exercise.

I suppose he wouldn't feel insecure whilst being in his own home smile

loopylou6 Tue 18-Oct-11 14:01:50

Thanks puffin, they look fab smile
Now just need to sort his car sickness.

ksld Tue 18-Oct-11 14:02:36

Could any family cope with him at your house? Or have you any friends who might fancy a weekend away too - and see if they would like to stay at yours with dog?

grovel Tue 18-Oct-11 14:04:28

We have a lovely lady who housesits when we are away. The dogs love her. £28 a day.

MarginallyNarkyPuffin Tue 18-Oct-11 14:07:19

Definitely don't try him in the front seat so he can see where he's going because that would be irresponsible and dangerous. Even if he's belted in blush

loopylou6 Tue 18-Oct-11 14:07:26

I don't think anyone would actually stay for the weekend, but I'm sure I could get people to visit a few times a day, not totally ideal but I suppose it'd be better for him than taking him somewhere strange and him watching us walk away from him.

loopylou6 Tue 18-Oct-11 14:09:04

grin Do you belt your dogs in puffin? wink

MarginallyNarkyPuffin Tue 18-Oct-11 14:10:31

I might have tried it once.

loopylou6 Tue 18-Oct-11 14:16:06


mummymeister Tue 18-Oct-11 15:16:13

There are loads of self catering places in england where you can take your dog and lots of websites specialising in cottages that do just this. have a look at petswelcome, dogswelcome etc and you will find a huge list. There are hotels too that will take a dog and it means they are with you the same as at home. we have stayed at wringworthy holiday cottages in Looe and they take dogs and have things like doggy crates and lovely walks. there are loads of other places too.

squeakyfreakytoy Tue 18-Oct-11 15:23:35

I felt like this when we had to leave our dog in kennels the first time, but the kennels were brilliant. We put the dog on a programme that meant he was socialised and given training every day, and the kennels emailed daily photos to us as well. He loved it there and came back very happy.

ChippingInToThePumpkinLantern Tue 18-Oct-11 15:38:53

I looked to see where you live - but you are a bit too far away sad

Do any of your friends have a teenager who would come and stay for the weekend.

I have always hated leaving mine (cats & dogs) at either a cattery or kennels - but to be honest, I don't think any of them have minded that much - just me grin I always cry sad I liked having sitters much better - but it was always someone we knew.

CristinaaarghdellAaarghPizza Tue 18-Oct-11 15:43:04

I'd get a petsitter smile I used to have an amazing bloke called Barry (who sadly died) who looked after my cats and came twice and day and left me a written report of every visit [sob]

LaWeasel Tue 18-Oct-11 15:45:09

We've had our cat for a year and have only just started putting him in the cattery when we go away instead of asking someone to come round and feed/play with him. (we moved house and there is no one to ask!)

I may have nearly cried the first time, but they and he were honestly fine.

Pandemoniaa Tue 18-Oct-11 15:47:31

I love my dog. But he is a dog and this comes with a rather different emotional range. Think A-B, rather than the full gamut of A-Z. So please don't make the mistake of projecting your guilt about leaving him and assume he'll be utterly desolate as he watches you walk out of his life. For a weekend, that is.

With sensible arrangements in place he'll be fine. Honest! The only think I would suggest is not packing in front of him. For some reason even the dimmer, doggy brain associates suitcases with something that makes them slightly uneasy.

Pippaandpolly Tue 18-Oct-11 15:53:59

I'm sure a friend or neighbour wouldn't mind going and walking him etc? I dog sat for a friend last summer for two weeks-plan was to walk twice a day, feed and put to bed but I ended up spending most of the fortnight with them having a lovely time grin I was a bit sad when she got home! (They paid me in wine by the way. Very good wine!)

FunnyHaHaPeculiar Tue 18-Oct-11 15:55:52

i didnt want to put ours in kennels so i used a dog sitting service. the dog goes to live with a couple (retired in our case) who look after it as their own for however long.

Ours loved it (as far as i know lol)

Scuttlebutter Tue 18-Oct-11 16:02:25

Please, please do NOT leave your dog unattended with only a few visits from friends. There are lots and lots of options that will keep your dog happy and safe.

Many kennels these days are lovely and the one we use welcomes visitors, and also allows you to take your dog for a day trip(free) first before you go away so both you and the dog can get used to it. Many kennels or even dog hotels will feed your preferred food, send you pics and emails and can do things like training, grooming etc during the stay.

Dog boarders would accommodate your dog in their own house - again, your dog can take their own bed, food, toys, brushes etc and the boarder will be experienced. Both kennels and dog boarders are licensed by the local authority, so you can see their license and read their inspection reports.

Pet sitters (either friends or professional) are also a good idea but you should agree before hand how long they can go out and leave the dog, check they are competent to walk the dog (and ensure dog is not let off lead), and agree a written protocol for authorising vet treatment etc. For this reason, it may be better not to use a teenager, unless they are very sensible or have good parental backup.

It's possible to develop the doggy equivalent of a "babysitting circle" with fellow dog owners. Try people who walk at your park, at your training classes, via your vets, or via the rescue/breeders where you got your dog. Many breeders are also very happy to see their dogs for a weekend. We have greyhound sleepovers with various houndy friends and it works brilliantly if the humans need to go away for a night or have a special occasion such as a wedding.

I know exactly what you mean - being away without ours left us feeling utterly bereft, but honestly they will be fine if you choose carefully.

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