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To prefer to have the results of my biopsy given by phone if possible?

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Driftwood999 Mon 10-Oct-11 20:58:46

The background to this being that I was recalled for further breast screening, after a routine invitation for a mammogram. I attended, was given more scans which led to being seen by a doctor for ultrasound and a biopsy, I was told I have a smallish tumour (75%) sure. Then informed by breast care nurse to come back 2 weeks later for the result. This involves a four hour round trip as these services are not available where we live. I really don't have a problem, obviously with attending for this marvellous service, but would I be unreasonable to ring/email to ask if I can have the results by phone, if that is all the appointment is for? It would save a bit of wear and tear on me tbh. I will be travelling thereafter for surgery and any follow ups, i.e radiotherapy. Anyone with experience of what the "result" appointment involves other than the result, which has already been strongly indicated to me? Thanks.

DogsBeastFiend Mon 10-Oct-11 21:09:22

Firstly, I very, very much hope that your docs are mistaken and that this is nothing to worry about.

Whatever the result I severely doubt that you'd be allowed the answers in any way but face to face I'm afraid.

IME the result appointment gives you the chance to ask questions, discuss options and so on. For example, I was told that I'd have radiotherapy and not chemo and was offered the choice of having all the lymph nodes remove from under my arm or just the first couple.

It's also a chance to discuss the matter with family - if you have a DH/DP or friend with you for that matter they may have concerns they wish to have answered - an if you take a friend they will probably be more able at that stage to ask questions, argue a point for you (when my doc suggested the removal of only 1 or 2 lymph glands to examine, with the idea that they'd have me back in for the removal of the rest if they were found to be diseased, my lovely friend spoke out, "She's needle phobic, has 2 little children and is bloody petrified for gods sake, don't potentially make her go through it twice!"

If I loved my dear pal before, I loved her even more at that moment.

There is much to go over and the nurses are incredibly supportive and specialists in their field, you'll value them I'm sure. Besides, this isn't something to be borne alone lovey, if the result is bad news.

I pray to whatever gods up there that this is a false alarm but, if you ever want to talk/vent/scream, don't hesitate to pm me.

AKMD Mon 10-Oct-11 21:09:41

YANBU, I'm in the same position and it's driving me mad having to keep travelling at considerable personal expense for appointments that last 10 minutes.

However... I would go to the results appointment as if you do have a tumour, they will also discuss the treatment plan for you and that is better done face-to-face.

DogsBeastFiend Mon 10-Oct-11 21:26:18

Another thing - the breast care nurses will also be able to point you in the direction of support services, for you and/or your family, should you/they wish to use them, and to advise you of any assistance you may be able to get with the expenses incurred with illness and treatment.

Driftwood999 Mon 10-Oct-11 21:27:49

Thank you DogsBeastFiend and AKMD. Deep down I know I am being a bit unrealistic and that there is going to be a bit more to it than just the result, it's just that quite a bit was discussed post biopsy with the nurse so I thought, well just get the results confirmed and get on with it, I can deal with information in print etc..... mad thoughts I know. I will delete my draught email and just attend. Thanks again.

topsyturner Mon 10-Oct-11 21:29:11

I can understand why you would want to do this , but in my experience , I very much doubt the docs will do this .

Come on over to Tamoxifen 14 thread in general health and we will talk you through it all .

ImperialBlether Mon 10-Oct-11 21:32:36

Just wanted to wish you the very best of luck. I think you are better being face to face and taking a friend with you, too. Sometimes what we're told when we're under stress doesn't sink in.

Andrewofgg Mon 10-Oct-11 22:05:33

The very best of luck to you - I survived cancer and you are going to!

Fuzzywuzzywozabear Mon 10-Oct-11 22:29:12

Another cancer survivor here! I would say go - it is likely to be a long meeting with your consultant and you can ask any questions - good luck lovey - hope it all goes well for you

Driftwood999 Wed 12-Oct-11 22:17:58

I've posted Tamoxifen 14 this evening, though a bit late, feeling very alone, the sensible thing is to go to bed in know but I just wanted a bit of chat before the appointment tomorrow.

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