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To think this punishment was harsh/ridiculous?

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CheesyWotzits Wed 05-Oct-11 19:06:53

DD (6) has been answering back lately and DH has come down on it hard. She did it yesterday (and played up a bit in genral) so he said she wasn't allowed to do her spellings because of it.

She has a list of spellings to learn every week and she reallly enjoys doing them so he figured he would stop her doing something she enjouyed until she can stop answering back.

She pushed her brother this evening and DH told her off, she replied 'I'm not your friend anymore' and he told her she couldn't do her spellings tonight either. I said yes she could and DH and I have now fallen out over it.

BeerTricksPotter Wed 05-Oct-11 19:10:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HeadfirstForHocusPocus Wed 05-Oct-11 19:11:27

He wants to punish her by preventing her from doing her homework?

YANBU, that is ridiculous.

CupOfBrownJoy Wed 05-Oct-11 19:12:29


CheesyWotzits Wed 05-Oct-11 19:12:37

I think so too and put my foot down, She can learn them in an evening and has til next monday is his argument

NatashaBee Wed 05-Oct-11 19:14:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

usualsuspect Wed 05-Oct-11 19:14:24


CheesyWotzits Wed 05-Oct-11 19:15:48

This is honestly what has just happened. DH is putting them to bed now.

usualsuspect Wed 05-Oct-11 19:16:14

He sounds like an idiot then

verytellytubby Wed 05-Oct-11 19:18:16


Why would you make school work a punishment?????? Madness.

Bluebell99 Wed 05-Oct-11 19:18:40

Your dh is an idiot. Hths.

thisisyesterday Wed 05-Oct-11 19:19:58

if she can learn them in an evening, and doesn't have to do them until Monday then tbh I wouldn't have undermined him tonight.

i would have talked to him later and pointed out that it's ridiculous to stop her doing school work.
but i wouldn't have said so in front of her

CheesyWotzits Wed 05-Oct-11 19:20:16

He's making not doing her school work a punishment as she really enjoys doing it and he is trying to teach her not to answer back... it's fucking idiotic

thisisyesterday Wed 05-Oct-11 19:23:07

yeah, it is.
but undermining him isn't going to help is it?

i would have stood by him this evening, but made sure he didn't do it again.

CheesyWotzits Wed 05-Oct-11 19:23:14

I couldn't quite believe it, she was trying to do them on her own as he hd taken the sheet away, I took it back to her as was quite shocked at what was going on... He did the same last night but it was more along the lines of i'm not sitting down with you to do them if you can't behave

usualsuspect Wed 05-Oct-11 19:24:15

I would have told him not to be so bloody stupid

CheesyWotzits Wed 05-Oct-11 19:24:47

I did

sayithowitis Wed 05-Oct-11 19:25:06

So what alternative consequence did you suggest?

squeakytoy Wed 05-Oct-11 19:25:11

he is a pillock..

TheVermiciousKnid Wed 05-Oct-11 19:25:46

she replied 'I'm not your friend anymore'

Best response to this, in my opinion: 'Oh, that's a shame. But I'm still your friend.' Said with a smile. smile

Rosa Wed 05-Oct-11 19:27:05

Erm YRNBU at all ...Yes stop something ( a toy or a treat) but not something educational.....He is being silly

CheesyWotzits Wed 05-Oct-11 19:27:12

I didn't suggest anything at the time but if he isnt sulking will suggest he doesn't take a 6 yr old telling him shes not his friend so seriously...

RitaMorgan Wed 05-Oct-11 19:31:52

It isn't a good punishment but YABU to undermine him like that - should have had a quiet word after.

lashingsofbingeinghere Wed 05-Oct-11 19:32:38

It sounds like your DH and DD are clashing over small things. Have a quiet word with him about why DD is pushing his buttons and how he should respond in an adult and constructive way. A 6 year old saying I am not your friend is not worthy of a response imo.

cat64 Wed 05-Oct-11 19:38:31

Message withdrawn

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