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to think the school could assist?

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Toodamnnosy Sat 17-Sep-11 13:43:23

If my ds wants to play football at breaktimes, he has to change out of his school trousers into jogging bottoms. This is so that they are not sat in wet and muddy trousers - this makes perfect sense.

However, they are not allowed to go and get their trainers and have to wear their school shoes. We are 1.5 weeks into the new term, and I've had to purchase him a new pair of school shoes, as he has put a hole in his shoes.

This is infant school, and he is 6.

AIBU to contact the school on Monday, and request that when the children change into jogging bottoms, they are allowed to get their trainers, and change into them at the same time?

I can't replace school shoes on a fortnightly basis.

GypsyMoth Sat 17-Sep-11 13:47:04

Lol. Some schools!! Yes, ask them, or you could do what I would do and just tell them your child will be getting his trainers!!!

AuntieMonica Sat 17-Sep-11 13:48:03

can he not have his trainers in his back next to his coat and change at the same time as his joggers?

AuntieMonica Sat 17-Sep-11 13:48:30

BAG not back blush

TashHag Sat 17-Sep-11 13:52:06

I'm surprised it's just the trousers they worry about and not the wet and muddy shoes tracking dirt all down the corridors and into the classrooms. If they are changing their trousers, presumably they have to take their shoes off to get the trousers on and off, so it wouldn't waste any more time to change both.

seeker Sat 17-Sep-11 13:52:10

Where are his joggers. Can,t his trainersbe in the same place?

Toodamnnosy Sat 17-Sep-11 13:52:52

The trainers are in a shoe cupboard by the sports hall, whilst they have a spare pair of jogging bottoms incase of accidents (or playing football).

seeker Sat 17-Sep-11 13:52:55

But make sure you've got the story- it seems odd that they are bothered about muddy trousers but not muddy shoes.

ChippingIn Sat 17-Sep-11 13:53:29

It seems mad - have you spoken to the teacher about it?

Mind you, I'm guessing they wont be allowed to play out on the field for much longer sad

Toodamnnosy Sat 17-Sep-11 13:53:44

* outside the classroom.

Toodamnnosy Sat 17-Sep-11 13:54:32

They play on an astro pitch so theroetically (sp.) it's all year round.

Toodamnnosy Sat 17-Sep-11 13:56:07

Haven't spoken to the teacher yet, I will do on Monday.

Talker2010 Sat 17-Sep-11 14:23:01

why is the astro pitch wet and muddy?

Toodamnnosy Sat 17-Sep-11 14:40:14

Good point - you made me stop and think about that, think they mean wet and dirty. The sand on the astro pitch can get everywhere. Unless they aren't using the astro pitch at playtimes, and are on the field. Hold on I will question my son further.

Toodamnnosy Sat 17-Sep-11 14:42:41

Just asked my ds and at breaktimes they play on the tarmac of the playground.

I presume that's the muddy and wet of puddles etc on playground.

activate Sat 17-Sep-11 14:44:13

a pair of school shoes should be used to playing football - take them back to shop as not fit for purchase and demand a refund / replacement

ridiculous to just replace them

AurraSing Sat 17-Sep-11 14:47:07

Couldn't you get him a cheap pair of trainers to go in his bag?

seeker Sat 17-Sep-11 14:51:14

Actually, just realised that my 10 year old played football in his school shoes every lunchtime all last tm, and they polished up fine for this term how can a week and a half on AstroTurf destroy a pair of shoes?

diddl Sat 17-Sep-11 14:51:25

Ours do a fair bit of sport indoors so the school wouldn´t want muddy/dirty soled trainers in the sports hall.

A cheap pair just for footy sounds like a good idea.

MumblingRagDoll Sat 17-Sep-11 14:55:05

How has playing football put holes in his shoes? It's only for an hour a day tops surely?

hocuspontas Sat 17-Sep-11 15:17:53

Maybe it's the time involved? Break here is 15 minutes. Plus someone has to be supervising.

hocuspontas Sat 17-Sep-11 15:21:17

Even changing into joggers sounds over the top. I expect parents have complained about muddy trousers in the past...

Normally schools would just get the children to change into their PE shorts or spares afterwards if they got wet or muddy.

MumblingRagDoll Sat 17-Sep-11 15:27:09

I agree that it's over the get messy at school. If I were you I would be happy he's playing and keen to be active.

cookcleanerchaufferetc Sat 17-Sep-11 16:21:46

Where are the shoes from? I would look at that rather than talk to the school. It is poor that they have a hole in after less than two weeks.

Greenshadow Sat 17-Sep-11 18:21:06

Agree with Cook. You can hardly blame the school for your DS's shoes wearing out.

Most little boys play football at break and their shoes last for much longer.

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