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TurkeyBurgerThing Thu 15-Sep-11 10:34:39

I've wasted 3 days now waiting for the arrival of an order I placed last week. I've tried phoning Yodel every day at the local centre which Very seem to think I should do. They seem not to bother to answer their phone until the afternoons when they tell me that "they won't be delivering today afterall" So I'm at home playing delivery roulette once again. I've emailed Very and Yodel and have heard nothing back yet.

AIBU to think that this combination of catalogue and delivery company are completely useless and I'll never order from them again or is this just a bad first experience for me?

itisnearlysummer Thu 15-Sep-11 10:41:01

Never used

Have only used Yodel once. Their tracker was updated and reliable and my package arrived 5 hours after it arrived at their office and the day after it was posted to them.

I was really happy with the service but there was another thread about Yodel the other day and I think I was in a very small minority in having had a good service!

Birdsgottafly Thu 15-Sep-11 10:47:29

I have never had a problem with Very. For smaller parcels you can have them delivered to any address, including late opening shops.

If Yodel are responsible for the delivery, then it is their fault, not Verys. I would write to Very, as if enough people complain they will use a different courier, in the future, plus, you will probaly get a discount voucher, off them.

I think that you have just been unlucky, however it does sound like very bad customer service, they must know in advance what deliveries they are making the next day.

SharpInTheWoods Thu 15-Sep-11 10:49:20

I had the same problem with Yodel & O2. Neither were particularly helpful but Yodel were excrutiating! I spent hours (over several days) waiting on hold for someone to answer the bl**dy phones only to be told to either a) call back using another extension (which was always incorrect) or b) made out to be a nuisance by someone who clearly didn't like their job.

I went to collect the parcel in the end. They don't have the common sense to solve their delivery issues!!

TheGrassIsJewelled Thu 15-Sep-11 11:46:14

Yodel are dreadful. I missed a delivery from Oasis. The card had no details (addressess/sender, etc), just an illegible mobile number. Yodel deliver a lot of work (I work at home), and it is, without fail, late.

lubeybooby Thu 15-Sep-11 11:52:25

In your very account if you look at the 'where is my order' section and click on the parcel it is you can see if it's yet been loaded on to a van. If it hasn't by around 8am that means I'm not getting it that day and I look again the next day.

Crap, but that's how I know when to expect it.

Huffythetantrumslayer Thu 15-Sep-11 11:58:35

I paid for a morning delivery from very to get here by 12. Was loaded onto van at 8.19. 12 o clock came and went. Phoned very. They gave me a number for yodel which was an automated message with one option only! Enter a card number for a missed delivery. Not very helpful.
Eventually delivery arrived and the bloke said that he didnt start work til 12! Very said they'd refund the delivery charge though. Bit crap though.

notyummy Thu 15-Sep-11 11:59:24

I use Very regularly and can honestly say that I have never had a problem - and they pick up my returned stuff from the shed the next day.

Not sure about Yodel though.

TurkeyBurgerThing Thu 15-Sep-11 12:38:58

lubeybooby thanks for that tip, that helps a lot. It's been there at the Depot since the 12th and the status has never changed but I was optimistic that perhaps that was a mistake. It's so frustrating because when I've had to do the school runs I've left the back door unlocked with a notice and I HATE doing it but have been desperate not to miss the delivery.

Such bad poor service I'm so disappointed. Funnily enough I have a friend who is also waiting for a mobile phone. She's been waiting for 7 days now (she's at the other end of the county) and has been told it'll arrive "tomorrow" every day. She has a tracking number so when she calls the centeral number they can look into it for her. BEcause Very don't give one out with their order for some reason they can't look into it because they say the address doesn't exist. The local Depot STILL aren't answering their phones. Actually they have twice when I've tried but only to hang up immediately.

It's dreadful. I'm definitely never ordering anything from Very again and will avoid any other company who use them too.

TurkeyBurgerThing Thu 15-Sep-11 12:53:28

Good lord! Chocolate and Kettle come to mind.

Just called Very. Was told that all they can do is "trace" the package and I won't hear anything from them for 5 days! They can't cancel it and it seems to have gone "missing"

This is such bad service from all sides. It's a wonder they function!

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