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To think that "fulltime" courses that are 3 days a week are taking the P

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rightothatsmethen Thu 25-Aug-11 20:33:42

This is for met college - FE. Courses are considered full time if they are over 16 hrs or a full time course could be 2 and a half days a week.

How can they say people are enrolled as full time students with those hours? hmm

freybean Thu 25-Aug-11 20:35:13

its always been that way hasn't it

charl2503 Thu 25-Aug-11 20:35:59

My sister is doing a foundation degree in early years and education. It is classed as a full time (she is in college 16hours a week) because the amount of work you have to do independantly as well as work placement takes it up to way over 40 hours a week.

rightothatsmethen Thu 25-Aug-11 20:36:41

The courses I am on about have no outside work charl, tey are portfolio based and have no home study.

LRDTheFeministDragon Thu 25-Aug-11 20:37:45

Do you mean two days of contact time and studying the rest? If so, that's fair enough - I'm a full-time student and have about 12-24hrs contact time per year. It will vary depending what you do.

If they're not studying the rest of the time that seems odd! What does it mean if you're full time (what do you get for it)?

QuintessentialShadow Thu 25-Aug-11 20:38:22

So do you not build up your portfolio outside college hours, then? Will you not be sent out on assignments that you need to complete, for your portfolio?

rightothatsmethen Thu 25-Aug-11 20:38:38

Nope just 2 and a half days and thats it! My son is doing one..

rightothatsmethen Thu 25-Aug-11 20:39:14

no, these are manual courses...welding, using hand tools, automechanic stuff

rainbowinthesky Thu 25-Aug-11 20:39:47

Standard for FE courses to be this. Used to be less till there was a change in law I think a couple of years ago - was 12 I think. They only get funding for this amount per student.

QuintessentialShadow Thu 25-Aug-11 20:39:48

And he is not suppose to have an apprenticeship the other days?

rightothatsmethen Thu 25-Aug-11 20:40:25

No its not an appreticesjip course quint, just a level 1

rightothatsmethen Thu 25-Aug-11 20:40:32


rightothatsmethen Thu 25-Aug-11 20:41:40

Just finding it harf to get my head around that he is considered a full time student.

rightothatsmethen Thu 25-Aug-11 20:42:05

hard;;;sorry, typing in the dark

QuintessentialShadow Thu 25-Aug-11 20:42:14

Is he supposed to mix two courses twogether?

LRDTheFeministDragon Thu 25-Aug-11 20:42:21

I wonder if maybe they classify all courses the same, so the courses where you do go study for the other two days are fulltime and these workshop ones just get categorized as the same?

It does seem a bit odd, but does it matter a lot? Is there a big advantage to calling it fulltime - just council tax bonus that I can think of, and I don't know if that even applies to FE?

rainbowinthesky Thu 25-Aug-11 20:42:27

Yep, it's pretty awful. Kids go from full tiem school to just 16 hours a week course if doign FE.

ImperialBlether Thu 25-Aug-11 20:42:31

It's because that's all the government will fund, not because it's what the colleges want to be able to offer.

Mitmoo Thu 25-Aug-11 20:42:31

I did a full time degree with 8 hours of supervised seminars and lectures. The secondary reading, primary reading, assignments etc. looking after Mum and son left me up at 4 am writing assignments and exhausted.

Don't knock it until you have tried it.

rainbowinthesky Thu 25-Aug-11 20:43:20

No, you only get funding to do one course so cant fill up the other days with something else to study.

rightothatsmethen Thu 25-Aug-11 20:43:22

I have a phd mitmoos Ive done full time and then some

QuintessentialShadow Thu 25-Aug-11 20:43:42

Can he find a job the other two days?

rainbowinthesky Thu 25-Aug-11 20:44:04

Lots of FE colleges have just had to make major cutbacks and redunancies and lost lots of courses.

rightothatsmethen Thu 25-Aug-11 20:44:38

he will most definitely have to get a job with 4 days free each week

LRDTheFeministDragon Thu 25-Aug-11 20:45:56

To be fair, I don't think school is exactly 'full time' either! Nor should it be ... at that age you're too tired with growing, I think.

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