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To feel relieved?

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Lara2 Sat 06-Aug-11 08:56:21

Like loads of people we've had no money for a holiday for a few years now (DH won't camp which I love). This was beginning to get to me - began to feel very self-pitying etc. And then I realised how stupid I was being - we live in a nice house by the sea; I walk my dogs along a lovely, unspoiled beach everyday (twice!); I'm lucky enough to have the whole school holidays off. So I decided that alot of people would give their right arm for this and now I feel relieved and it feels like a holiday - I had icecream for breakfast!!!!! Sometimes we just need to look at what we've got and appreciate it - feeling better now. smile

FetchezLaVache Sat 06-Aug-11 08:57:21

Have a great holiday, Lara! :D

Loonytoonie Sat 06-Aug-11 08:59:22

Great attitude Lara. smile

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